Assessing for a Star cushion

Star cushions are designed for individuals needing optimal immersion and envelopment.

1. Assess stability and postural needs

Assess the individual´s needs for a stable base, offloading, and/or individualised shape for postural support.


2. Select the right cushion model

Select the most appropriate cushion model based on the required features.


3. Assess the risk

Assess the risk of the individual developing a pressure injury. A risk assessment scale can be a helpful aid in determining risk, e.g., Waterlow, Norton or Braden, however, do not replace the need for clinical reasoning.

4. Select cushion height

Star cushions are available in four heights: 5 cm, 7,5 cm, 10 cm and 13 cm

*This guide is based on the level of immersion and is not intended to supersede clinical judgement.


With StarLock, higher air cells enable greater stability and positioning abilities.
However, be aware that some may still prefer lower heights, e.g., for easier transfers.

Use pressure redistribution cushions in conjunction with a wider program of care.
Weight-shifting and pressure-relieving manoeuvres remain important pressure injury prevention methods, irrespective of the support surface type.

Star cushions - Size guide


StarLock 5, 7,5 and 10 cm


StarLock 13 cm