Custom-made solutions for seating, standing, toilet & bath

A variety of solutions to fit the needs of every user

Custom-made solutions has many advantages

Above all, custom-made solutions give users a comfortable and functional sitting posture. It stabilises or corrects faulty postures, prevents pressure sores and together with the right frame gives the user possibilities to participate in social activities. A great benefit of which, is increased enjoyment of life both for users and their families.


Moulded foam seat

A moulded seat in foam offers the user support and stability without compromising comfort. Choosing a moulded seat in foam gives you the ability to make changes in the seat as the users needs changes.

We offer three different types of foam for our moulded foam seats. They vary in stability and can be combined to best meet the support and comfort needs of the user. Most of our seats are produced in the standard cold foam that has great elastic abilities and works great with all our insert materials.


Moulded seat in ABS

If you prefer a slim and smooth solution, which gives the user the posibility to propel the wheelchair themselves, you should choose the mould in ABS. The ABS mould gives the user great stability in the seating position and comfort by choosing between our huge range of inlays. 

If the seat is to be moulded in ABS, the robot carves the negative shape for the seat into a piece of polyethylene. This piece is then used to mould the seat around it. ABS seats can be adjusted with foam inserts.


Moulded seat for toilet and bath

The moulded seat for toilet and bath is made of ABS and the upholstry is made of Eva sote and attached to the ABS mould with push buttons. This gives the user comfort but still makes it easy to clean the chair after use. The moulded seat for toilet and bath can be mounted on a huge range of different toilet chairs.


Mould for standing

Scoliosis and other deformities in the body can lead to difficulties in getting the right support in the standing position. To avoid this you can choose a moulded standing solution. Choosing a moulded standing solution gives people, who are not able to stand, a new possibility to achieve the standing position. 

A custom standing frame solution offers an active everyday life and new functions. The R82 Caribou frame is a tiltable standing support that can be used both in standing and lying position. Thought out design and possibility of a molded foam bearing, provides the user the best conditions for an active and functional everyday life.


Accessories for moulded units

Every Turtle unit is compatible with all R82 accessories and frames. Do you have any accessories or frames from other brands that you prefer to use, we will of course also be able to fit those to our moulded units.

The skilled therapist carefully guides the user, carers or next of kin through the remaining choices in relation to the unit. Head rests can be an integrated part of the moulded unit, but even moulded head rests are often produced and mounted separately in order to secure the unit a longer lifetime with more options for adjustments.

Custom-made solutions: The making of the moulded seat

Frames for our moulded seats

All our moulded seats are compatible with our range of R82 frames. The choice is made, based on the needs and experiences of the user, with competent counselling from one of our therapists. For the best solution please ask your local consultant for R82 products. 



Please feel free to contact the R82 custom-made solutions specialist Hanne Andersen