Custom-made solutions

Specialised seating, standing and bathroom assistive devices to fit the user’s body shape and provide optimal support and comfort. 

Custom-made solutions for greater wellbeing

R82 has been producing aids for children and young people with special needs since 1982. For children, youngsters and adults who need more support than a standard product can give them, R82 has for more than 20 years been able to provide them with a custom-made seat or a Turtle seat as we call them at R82.

Our entire Turtle product range is built on the ambition to make life easier for our users by bringing their upper body into balance and make sure that the mould relieve pressure from the spine, while avioding stressing or overloading the pelvis in any way.


A unique solution for every user

Every moulded unit is designed and produced after careful consideration of the needs and experience of the individual user. Our solutions can be combined to fit every needs of the user. They can consist of a moulded seat or just the back rest.

At R82 we have a huge repertoire of solutions that let us accommodate any need. Our long list of head rests, foot supports, arm rests and other accessories can all be combined with any moulded Turtle unit. No matter what needs the user has, we are always prepared to meet them.

Custom-made solutions: The process behind the moulded seat

At R82 you are in safe hands

 For many years our high qualified R82 specialists, have worked closely together with the moulded solution advisers.


1. Shaped to the body

Based on the clinical findings by the adviser, a vacuum cusion is moulded to the user´s body.

2. Fine adjustments

The imprint on the moulding sack is finely adjusted according to the support and pressure required by the user.

3. Complete 3D scan

A complete 3D scan is made of the moulded sack, ensuring a detailed and precise image of the entire shape, and uploaded to R82 by a secure connection.


4. Robot precision

Based on the precise 3D scan of the chair, a quality controlled and aesthetically examined moudled unit of the user’s imprint, is milled out of a foam square. The robot also mills out the precise location and depth of any inserts for secure placement.

5. Final adjustments

The moulded unit is being processed on the inside and the outside to secure a smooth surface and a likeable look.

6. Accessories and final mould

If you wish, our craft staff can mount your moulded unit on a R82 base, or on any other base. All our well known accessories from other products can be used on a moulded unit. If needed, we can also make customised accessories.

Our product range of custom-made solutions