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- Shape up in Cross 5 and Cross 6

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Etac Cross 5 and Cross 6, can be set up for both a taller or a shorter users with different body shapes.

The majority of users will use the standard back support. Using the standard back support, the 3A-back support can be adjusted in height from 32 cm to 45 cm. And with the high back support you can get as high as 51 cm. 

Once the desired back height is adjusted and set, the fine tuning of the strap back can be done, and any accessories to support and shape up the posture can be added.

A user with a short upper body may need a shorter seat depth. It can be shortened from the front seat upholstery. Foot supports that can be set higher are an option.

Aim to adjust the back height below the shoulder blades, angle the seat to back and lumbar angles to provide a supportive position. If the user feels pressure towards the buttocks, caused by the back rails, Cell Foam Wedges (1) placed under the cover can reduce the pressure. Ensure that all Velcro straps below PSIS are set with a loose tension (2).

If the arm supports are too high, the attachments on the frame sides can be moved to the lower position (3).

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Card item -Back straps - short upper body

2. Tension Adjustable Back Straps

Contour the back support with the tension adjustable back straps, to support and follow the curve of the spine. The back straps below PSIS should always be set with a loose tension to provide the user space for the buttocks
Card item - Low arm support attachm - short upper body

3. Low arm support attachment

The arm support has two options for positioning on the frame of Cross 6, this allows for accurate position and gives the option to close the gap when the 3A back is adjusted for posture or seat depth.

The attachments can be lowered 5 cm (2") on the frame.
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Example of accessory placement

Example of accessories placed on the back support. Here with the side cushion, along with the straight side stops, on both sides for optimum support, and the seat extender to create additional rear space.

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