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In a multi-functional wheelchair broad shoulders can be an issue, since the back support for a less active user is adjusted higher, due to the tilt and recline function. To prevent the user from feeling the pressure of the back rails, you can use two simple accessories. The Back Widening or the Pressure Distributors. Using any of these you don´t have go to a wider seat width to accommodate broad shoulders.

Back support: Use the lumbar angling on the 3A back support to open up the angle and allow space for the thoracic spine and the broad shoulders. If a higher back is needed add the Back Extension (1) to create an extra 6 cm back height.

The Pressure Distributors (2) or the Back Widening (3) are a straightforward way of creating a wider back support for wide shoulders. If the individual leans heavily on the back support use the Width Extension (4) to hold the pressure distributors in place.

Seat: A well contoured seat cushion (5) will stabilise the pelvis and thighs. If needed the seat can be narrowed with the Upholstery Side Guards (6) and for extra lateral support use the Side Cushions (7). Choose Arm Support, narrow (8) for users who can propel the chair.

Tilt and Recline Positions: Always make sure to assess both the active and resting positions. Secure the positions with Gas Piston Clips (9), Comfort Tilt Lock (10) and Back Angle Control (11).

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3. Back Widening

Create a wider back and distribute pressure from the back profile. Sold as a kit complete with additionally two tension adjustable straps.
Only for use in combination with seat width 40 cm and 45 cm.
Card item - Comfort Tilt Lock- Broad shoulders Prio 3A

10. Comfort Tilt Lock

This function ensures the same preset tilt position. There are four alternative settings (0°, 4°, 8° or 12°). Choose one position that is frequently used, for activity or rest. Not in combination with Etac Prio electrical tilt.
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