Choosing the right glide board

Wide range to ensure the best solution

Immedia has six different types of glide boards in various sizes, all designed to help wheelchair users to transfer themselves in sitting positions in versatile situations, e.g., to/from a bed, a chair, a car seat, a toilet or similar.

All boards have a smooth and low-friction surface allowing the user to slide with minimal friction. On the backside, there is a non-slip surface to prevent the glide board from sliding during transfer. The maximum user weight is 150 kg for all boards except Butterfly, allowing 250 kg.

All the boards have unique shapes or designs that enhance their usability and safety.

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Benefits of using glide boards

A glide board bridges the gap between the wheelchair and other surfaces, allowing a wheelchair user to perform a sitting transfer with or without assistance from a caregiver. Using a glide board may improve safety, comfort, and efficiency during the transfer while also promoting greater independence and mobility for users.

Reduced risk of injury
Glide boards are designed to reduce the amount of physical effort required during transfers, which may help prevent strain for both the user and the caregiver.

Increased independence
Glide boards can help wheelchair users transfer more easily and independently, which reduces their reliance on assistance from caregivers and increases their overall sense of independence.

Improved Comfort
Glide boards are typically smooth and rigid, which can provide a more comfortable transfer experience.


Features of the individual designs

All Immedia glide boards are high-quality boards with excellent design for comfortable and safe transfers. They all have unique shapes and features to meet the demands of the everyday needs in healthcare.



E-Board comes in four variants. 

- XL with flap
- L with flap
- M without flap
- S without flap

The wing facilitates passing the wheelchair wheel and makes the glide board sturdy.
E-boards without flap are smaller and easy to store in the back of the wheelchair, making them ideal for trips out of the house.

All E-Boards are lightweight, and flexible and have handles to make it easy to grip and position.

More info about E-Board


3B-Board is a long banana-shaped glide board used for longer transfers, e.g., in and out of a car. The board can be used both with the curve backwards and forwards depending on the transfer situation.

3B-Board comes in one size and has a handle for carrying.

More info about 3B-Board

Butterfly Board

The Butterfly board is a wide and sturdy glide board allowing a maximum user weight of 250 kg. It has cut-outs for the wheelchair wheel to enhance stable and safe transfer.

Combining the board with GlideWing provides even lower friction and is recommended for users with reduced muscle strength or when the transfer involves bare skin; for instance, to and from a shower commode. Mounting a GlideWing on the board also facilitates passing the wheel and adjusting the seated position when finishing the transfer.

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Dolphin ToiletBoard

Dolphin is a stable toilet board uniquely designed for transfers to the toilet or toilet chair. The round cut-out allows the user to remain on the board while toileting.

The board also has cut-outs for the wheelchair wheel to enhance stable and safe transfer.

More info about Dolphin

E-Board Oval

E-Board Oval is a very thin and flexible board that comes in pairs in two variants;

- E-Board Oval S
- E-Board Oval L

Size S can be inserted under the thigh for minor transfers such as moving back in a chair or applying a sling leg strap when sitting.

Size L is often used for supine transfer between beds or to apply a sling in the back when sitting.

More info about E-Board Oval

Swan Glidepad

Swan is a long, open glide pad with handles suitable for transfer between bed and wheelchair or in and out of a car. It can either be used independently or in combination with a glide board for a more sturdy transfer or repositioning.

More info about Swan

Glide board selector

How to think when choosing a glide board

Utilize this algorithm alongside the user manual for the relevant glide board to determine the appropriate choice for the user. It is important that the glide board has been tested with the individual user and for the intended transfer situation.

The algorithm in the selector acts as a tool to provide helpful direction in the selection of glide boards related to the intended use. Results should only be regarded as a principal guideline and do not substitute the need for individual assessments performed by competent carers for each individual user/patient. 

Video: How to use a glide board

Choosing a suitable glide board for a wheelchair user involves considerations for a safe experience. 

The wheelchair should have easily removable armrests to facilitate safe movement. Optimum usability involves a slightly higher starting seat, which creates a gentle slope that facilitates movement across the glide board. If possible, prioritize the user's strengths for safety and best results. Movement over the paralyzed side can be part of the rehabilitation and should always be assessed by a therapist.

For guidance on how to use Immedia glide boards, see this instructional video.

Video: Immedia E Board - Move from bed to wheelchair

Immedia E-Board glide board is intended to bridge shorter gaps when performing seated transfers. The lightweight, flexible transfer board allows easy application and removal.

See how a wheelchair user can use the glide board independently or with assistance from a carer.