Immedia Dolphin

A sturdy and stable transfer board uniquely designed for transfer to the toilet

The transfer board is intended to bridge shorter gaps when performing seated transfers. The board’s low friction upper surface allows the user to transfer independently or with assistance. Immedia Transfer Boards are used when transfering between bed and wheelchair/shower chair, between wheelchair chair/toilet chair or to and from the car.

All Transfer Boards have a non-slip surface on the underside. Combining a transfer board with a glide cushion provides even lower friction and is recommended when the transfer involves bare skin, for instance to and from a shower chair or toilet.

The Immedia Dolphin is a sturdy and stable transfer board uniquely designed for transfer to the toilet. The board has cut-outs for positioning against the wheel of the wheelchair and non-slip pads, which allows good positioning and avoids sliding out of place. The cut-out allows the user to remain on the board while on the toilet.


Item number
Length (mm)
Maximum user weight (kg)
Dolphin ToiletBoard IM409 White 690 Fiberglass 150


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