Tall upper body

- Shape up in Prio 3A

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The 3A back can be adjusted at the lumbar angle if the individual with the tall upper body feels more balanced with the thoracic angle slightly more open.

The Back extension 3A (1) can be easily added to give an additional 6 cm of back height.

Select back cushion or back cover (2). The back support can be adjusted as high as 68 cm (27½"). Be sure to adjust the Dynamic Pelvic Support (3) in height with PSIS.

When tilting and reclining a person with a tall upper body, the weight shift can affect the chair´s stability. If required, use Gas Piston Clips (4) to reduce maximum tilt and recline angles. A user with a tall upper body can have difficulties stabilizing the trunk if the active position is too upright. Secure the active seat tilt with the Comfort Tilt Lock (5) and the seat to back angle with the Back Angle Control (6).

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Card item - Back cover- Tall Prio 3A

2. Back Cover

With thin foam padding. Can be supplemented with wedges. Only available in plush.
Card item - Dynamic pelvic support- Tall Prio 3A

3. Dynamic Posterior Pelvic Support

Automatically relieves the tension in the reclined position and re-tightens in the active position. Adjust the height to the level of PSIS.
Card item - Comfort Tilt Lock- Tall Prio 3A

5. Comfort Tilt Lock

This function ensures the same preset tilt position. There are four alternative settings (0°, 4°, 8° or 12°). Choose one position that is frequently used, for activity or rest. Not in combination with Etac Prio electrical tilt.
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