- Shape up in Cross 5 and Cross 6

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With asymmetry each situation will need carefully assessing, there are various options for accessories to help support the individual's postural needs.

(1) If there is pelvic obliquity that is contributing to asymmetry the cushion set up is crucial and a cell foam wedge under cushion may help. (2) The lumbar angle can be set asymmetrically if needed. (3) Side cushions can be used to help keep the trunk up right, (4) and the long and short plush wedges can be used for creating contour and support under the back cover. (5) Cell foam wedges cam be used to help create contouring and to ill the gaps to provide greater contact with the back cushion.



2. Back support adjustment

To achieve optimal back support you can individually adjust the left and right side angle.

If the left and right seat to back angle are diverse adjusted, test to counteract trunk rotation and/or lateral trunk flexion by angling one upper back rail more forward.

Example of accessory placement

Example of accessories placed on the back support. Here with the side cushion, the large cell foam wedge and the soft plush wedges for extra support and comfort to shape up the asymmetric body shape.

When working with asymmetry, often the shoulders will not be level, it is important to provide support for the higher shoulder also. This placement of accessories shows this.

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