Etac Swift Mobil Tilt-2

Designed with both carer and user needs in mind. It handles the multitude of challenges faced by caregivers in their daily work and provides the comfort and safety users need to feel secure.

Unique tilt-in-space function
The Swift Mobil Tilt-2, has a unique tilt feature that gives increased security for the user and an ergonomic working position for the carer. It’s -5° to +35° tilt function can be operated from either side of the chair. This allows the carer to reassure the user when tilting.

Ease of access and comfort
With excellent access around the seat area, personal care routines are made easier for the carer and can be performed with dignity for the user. For sensitive users, extra-soft, seat cushions are available. The soft and quick-drying backrest and curved footrests of the Swift Mobil-2, add to user comfort.

Fits many users
The shower commode chair is adaptable to fit many user needs and sizes. It has a generous maximum user weight of 160 kg as standard, and seat-to-floor height adjustability (50-65 cm). The armrests are adjustable in height and width, and the height adjustable, swing away footrests are also offered in a shorter version.

Etac Swift Mobil Tilt-2 XL
A model with a wider back frame is available for larger users, providing an extra 6 cm between the armrests.


Seat with rear opening test

Seat with rear opening

Providing ease of access for the carer and comfort for the user. The unique surface, especially developed for Etac, has the perfect balance between friction and cleanliness, non-slip and hygienic!
Adjustable armrests as standard

Adjustable armrests as standard

Easily adapted to various user needs. Adjustable both in height and width, +/- 6 cm in each direction.
Unique and safe tilting function

Unique and safe tilting function

Can be operated from either side of the chair enabling a good working position for the carer and reassurance for the user during tilting.
Multi-adjustable headrest

Multi-adjustable headrest

The headrest is designed to provide maximum comfort and flexibility and can be adjusted to suit a range of user needs.

Variants and details

Length (mm) 1040 Seat height (mm) 500-650
Material Chassis: powder painted steel. Seat/Arm support: polypropylene. Back support: polyester/velcro. Foot support: polypropene. Castors: polyamide/TPE, lockable, ball bearing. Gas pistons: lift capacity 130N Seat width (mm) 500
Maximum user weight (kg) 160 Space below seat (mm) 427-575
Opening: depth x width (mm) 300x210 Tilt in space tilt angle (°) 0º t/m +35º / -5º t/m +30º
Seat depth (mm) 465 Weight (kg) 20,4
Etac item number
Width between arm supports (mm)
Width (mm)
Swift Mobil Tilt-2, assembled 80229410 420/480/540 570/580/640
Swift Mobil Tilt-2, with bucket holder 80229411 420/480/540 570/580/640
Swift Mobil Tilt-2, with pan holder 80229412 420/480/540 570/580/640
Swift Mobil Tilt-2, with pan holder and pan 80229415 420/480/540 570/580/640
Swift Mobil Tilt-2, XL back 80229480 480/540/620 580/640/700
Swift Mobil Tilt-2 XL-back, with pan holder 80229481 480/540/620 580/640/700


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