The Swift Mobil-2 XL series

Options for larger users

The Swift Mobil-2 family is growing bigger

Swift Mobil-2 is a range of mobile shower commode chairs developed from insight about users and carers. The family consists of three models, all sharing common features such as ease of access, adaptability and comfort. They are all highly adaptable to various user needs and include a wide range of accessories for further customisation. Making a few small adjustments can make a big difference to the well-being of the user and the working conditions for the carer.


A series especially developed for larger users

With larger users being a consistently growing user group, we have developed a special XL range to accommodate their needs. The models offer additional space thanks to an extra wide back frame and armrests that can be adjusted in either height or width. Increased legroom is also provided through a clever widening kit for the legrests. 

XL models for Swift Mobil-2 and Swift Mobil Tilt-2

The XL models for Swift Mobil Tilt-2 are purchased as complete configurations. The Swift Mobil-2 is available in XL variants, but can also be complemented with both back frame and leg adapters as accessories.