Etac Swift Mobil-2

A family of highly adaptable mobile shower commode chairs

Making life easier for users and carers

Providing dignified personal care requires being able to respond to the needs of each individual. In a mobile shower commode chair, this puts extra demands on the ability to adapt it to different users, and ensure ergonomic functionality for healthcare workers.

Consequently, the Swift Mobil series was designed for diversity. It offers numerous models to choose from, many adjustments as standard and a wide range of accessories. All to provide as many opportunities as possible for individual adaption - and make hygiene routines easier for users and carers.

Features included in all Swift Mobil models

  • Adjustable seat height
  • Folding armrests, adjustable in height or width
  • Comfortable and adjustable backrest in soft mesh
  • Open seat design for easy access to personal hygiene
  • Height-adjustable and swing-away footrests
  • Generous max user weight of 160 kg

Swift Mobil-2 with upright back      |      Swift Mobil-2      |      Swift Mobil-2 with XL back      |      Swift Mobil Tilt-2      |      Swift Mobil Tilt-2 with XL back      |      Swift Mobil 24"-2

Standard model

Swift Mobil-2

  • A flexible and attendant-propelled shower commode chair
  • Suitable for someone who uses transfer aids, has postural control and/or might manage some hygiene tasks independently
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Standard model XL

Swift Mobil-2 with XL back

  • Designed for larger users
  • Includes a wider back frame as well as increased legroom
  • Adds 12 cm between armrests when set to their widest position
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Standard model upright back

Swift Mobil-2 with upright back

  • Specifically designed to fit wall-mounted toilets
  • Suitable for someone who primarily uses the commode over the toilet (wall-mounted)
  • Places the chair 7 cm closer to the wall, perfectly centred over the toilet opening
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Tilt-in-space model

Swift Mobil Tilt-2

  • A tiltable chair for those who use transfer aids, have poor postural control and/or need more assistance
  • Allows for tilting while maintaining eye contact between user and carer
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Tilt-in-space model XL

Swift Mobil Tilt-2 with XL back

  • Tiltable version for larger users
  • Includes a wider back frame as well as increased legroom
  • Adds 12 cm between armrests when set to their widest position
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Self-propelled model

Swift Mobil 24"-2

  • For the more independent user
  • Easy to manoeuvre with rear wheels positioned for maximum control 
  • Generous space around the seat and flip-up armrests allow for easy side transfers
Swift Mobil 24"-2

Accessories for further customisation

Being able to complement the chair with accessories, can be essential to promote abilities and participation in daily activities. Swift Mobil offers a large assortment with several options for individual adaptation.

The range includes soft seats and paddings for added comfort, side supports and belts for extra support, alternative foot supports and much more. 

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Want to learn more?

Read our case story on how insights about users and caregivers influenced essential product features in the Swift Mobil-2 series.

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