Etac Cross 6

The most adjustable folding wheelchair

Never waste time on lengthy assessments and measurements, just take the one accurate seat width and everything else is available to set up on the day.

Cross 6 is built for and by the most demanding welfare system in the world, the Scandinavian. Where every adjustment is worth the time and “every body” matters.

Cross 6 can always be readjusted for better sitting and changing needs. Durable and adjustable for the first user and the users after. Cross 6 is sustainable and future proof. The right wheelchair. Tomorrow too!

Time saving Now, new Cross 6 is even more adjustable, and we have time saving news. Clinicians interviewed confirms Cross 6 is quick and easy to adjust. Cross 6 – designed by Scandinavia, built in Sweden. Because everybody and every body deserves the right wheelchair. Right now!



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