R82 x:panda shape

The x:panda shape is created to make the best seat from where your child can live life to the fullest. It is designed to change shape as your child develops.

The x:panda shape is highly configurable and provides tailored support to fit the individual needs. It can be adjusted in seat width and depth, and back width and height to assure a tailored fit with a high level of comfort. That way, it always creates a stable seat from where the user can interact and participate in life as independently as possible. It can accommodate very complex seating positions with a high level of advanced and adjustable supports combined with adjustable dynamic back support; it can be a simple activity seat, and it can be everything else in between.  

The infant seat provides supported seating for infants and thereby presents the opportunity for early intervention and facilitation of the child's participation and social interaction with parents, carers, and the environment.


R82 x:panda shape

Advanced dynamic back

The x:panda shape with adjustable dynamic back gives you the unique opportunity to adjust the dynamic resistance, which ensures the right resistance for each individual child. The dynamic back’s design ensures that resistance remains the same as the back reclines, and that the point of rotation is close to the axis of the hips.
The first seating system

Early intervention

The infant seating system gives infants the opportunity to participate in daily life from a seated position, with the possibility to be in long leg sitting . The seat provides a soft and stable base from which to explore their world, interact with parents, carers, and siblings at eyelevel, and be a part of family meals and other daily activities.
True growth

True growth

The x:panda shape is designed to grow with your child as it develops. The seat width and depth can be adjusted, and the back width and height can also be adjusted to assure a tailored fit with a high level of comfort. That way, your child always has a stable seat from which it can interact and participate in life as independently as possible.
Tailored support and highly adaptable

Tailored support and highly adaptable

The x:panda shape is highly adaptable and provides tailored support to fit the individual needs of your child. The large selection of adjustable accessories can be mixed and matched to create precise support, when and where you need it. The curved and adjustable side supports, as well as the continuously adjustable seat wedges, help to create a snug and secure fit for the child.


Size 1, infant seating
Size 1
Size 2
Size 3
Abduction angle, each leg (°) - 10°/20-30° 15°/30° 25°/30°
Adduction angle, each leg (°) 10°/20°-30° 10°/20°-30° 15°/30° 25°/30°
Armrest to seat distance (mm) 70-100 90-155 100-165/100-220 130-280
Back width, top of backrest (mm) 190 180/220/260/300/340 180/220/260/300/340/380 220/260/300/340/380/420
Backrest height (mm) 270-360 280-370/320-420/360-470 340-440/380-490/430-560 420-530/470-600/540-690
Backrest recline angle (°) (-10°)-(30°) (-10°)-(30°) (-10°)-(30°) (-10°)-(30°)
Effective seat depth (mm) 120-160 160-320 240-420 350-550
Effective seat width (without hip support) (mm) 220 220/260/300 280/320/360/400 380/420/460/500
Front location of arm rest structure (mm) 160-180 230 290 360-420
Mass device (kg) 6 6.5 11 14
Maximum rated load (kg) 43 43.5 78 106
Maximum user mass (kg) 35 35 65 90
Maximum user mass in transportation (kg) 35 35 65 90
Overall width, both legs in maximum abduction (mm) 240 300/400/500 350/460/560/660 600/700/740/780
Seat width, minimum/maximum (with hip supports) (mm) 120-220 120-180/160-220/200-260 180-240/220-280/260-320/300-360 280-340/320-380/360-420/400-460
Width thighs (mm) - 70/92/115 85/108/130/152 100/122/145/168/190

Mass device: The seat weight only (without accessories).

All seat measurements for size 1,2 & 3 are for the Advanced seats. Seat measurements for the Simple seats, can be found in the user manual.


The seat base is for attachment of simple or advanced seat plates.  Allows for adjustments in seat width. The effective seat width will be reduced with the use of hip or pelvis supports. 

Seat base

Infant seating: seat depth 120-160 mm Size 1 seat depth: 160-260 mm Size 2 seat depth: 240-360 mm Size 3 seat depth: 250-490 mm

When you choose hip or pelvis supports, the seat width is reduced with min. 40 mm. Choose covers under accessory. Width adjustable pelvis supports, mounted from the back, are available as accessories.

Fixed back position of 90°

Recline in steps, 5° per step

Stepless recline without dynamic

Stepless recline with adjustable dynamic

Lock of dynamic

Only approved for transportation with lock of dynamic option

Enables quick and easy removal of the upper back.   Removal of the upper back allows the opportunity to challenge the postural control and balance of the upper body (head, arms, and trunk) and thereby facilitates the activation of the trunk and back muscles.  Can be used with therapy kit tubes for 60 mm extra back height (accessory).

No quick release

With quick release, detachment of upper back

Provides support for the upper back when the user is seated. The upper back grows in width and adjusts in height to accommodate the individual needs and secure the best fit as the user develops and grows.. Choose cushions under accessories. A kit for frequent and toolless height adjustment of the upper back is available as an accessory.

Without upper back

With upper back


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