Molift Rail System

A cost-effective and safe ceiling hoist system for most transfer situations

Efficient installation process
Molift Rail System has rail profiles with innovative solutions for integration into all types of ceilings and walls. The wide range of fixing options results in making it one of the most efficient installation processes in the market. It is easily integrated and is aesthetically adjusted to the design and architecture of the room. The range of switches and other transition options makes the rail system extremely flexible.

Customised capacity
Depending on the different needs and choice of the hoist motor, Molift Rail System can be constructed from 160 up to 500 kg.

Cost effective solutions
The efficient installation process, the flexibility and the many features make Molift Rail System a cost-effective, competitive and profitable investment for hospitals, institutions, health care settings and the home. This helps create a practical and efficient workplace for nurses and caregivers, as well as an attractive environment for patients and visitors.

Characteristics and options

  • Effective and safe installation
  • Smart fixing details
  • Can be integrated into suspended ceilings
  • Curved rails 30°, 45°, 60° and 90°
  • In-Rail-Charging (IRC) = charging in rail as an accessory
  • Accessories such as traverse switch and rail switch


Molift Rail System

Lifting capacity for all needs

Molift Rail System can be installed and optimized for lifting 160 up to 500 kg on single motor units.
Molift Rail System


In-Rail-Charging means the hoist is always ready for operation. This is one of the many solutions that makes Molift Rail System one of the most intuitive system.
Molift Rail System

Wall mounted rails

If there are difficulties to mount the rail in the ceiling, there is a possibility to mount the rail on the wall. This is a unique Molift solution for Traverse systems.
Molift Rail System

Integrated rail system

Molift single rails, straight or curved, are easily integrated and aesthetically adjusted to the design and architecture of the room.