Manual transfer

Manual aids can be used for a variety of transfer and positioning situations. Depending on the care situation, different solutions and techniques are useful to optimize the work environment for the carer and to give the user dignified and comfortable care.

1.1 In-bed systems - Card item block

In-bed systems - Product guide

Balanced user mobility and an improved work environment for carers are essential when choosing an in-bed system.
1.2 Pressure mapping - Card item block

Pressure mapping with in-bed systems

See the positive results of combining an in-bed system with a pressure-relieving mattress.
1.3 How to choose glide board - Card item block

Choosing the right glide board

Our guide for wheelchair users or carers can help you find the right glide board for increased mobility and comfort.
1.4 Product choice matrix - Card item block

Manual transfer - Product matrix

To simplify your choice of aids for easier daily living, download our matrix.