About and Around Etac Education

Why Etac Education? We train you on the products, sharpen the sales arguments and also assist you with workshops and seminars for your customers. Our offers are:

Product Certificate training

We have certification programs for manual wheelchairs, manual and mechanical transfer and bathroom products. For each product group there are two certificate levels; Premium and Platinum. Before starting certification training, the sales team should preferably have attended a Get started - Basic Product Training.

Training and support

Our product training and support focus on the unique features and benefits of the products. This is ideal for introduction of new products, new sales reps or maybe just as a refresher of your product knowledge. Read more

Seminars and workshops

We offer a range of seminars and workshops with different topics and customize the content and time according to your needs. Here follows some theme suggestions for the different product ranges. It is also possible to make seminars and workshops with mixed product ranges.

Read more about our courses here!