Etac Crissy Swing-Away

Crissy is designed to be easily adjusted with the user positioned in the wheelchair. The swing–away leg support facilitate standing transfer. Choose between our wide range of leg supports.

All you need is a hip measurement
The intelligent frame design makes it possible to customize Crissy to all seat depths to suit users from 158-190 cm. All you need to do before ordering is to measure the hip width – then Crissy can easily be adjusted on site to meet the user’s needs.

Any misfits can be corrected – even the colour.

2B as in Body Balance
Crissy Swing–Away is equipped with the inventive 2B back support. Available with fixed or height adjustable push handles. The curved shape integrates a discrete side support for balanced sitting. The seat depth can be adjusted by sliding the back support bracket.

Crissy Swing-Away is built to shape up. The right hip measurement ensures that you have the right wheelchair. Don’t spend your time measuring and ordering – spend it on the user.

Why wait to reach your positioning goals? They are easily achievable now. We call this Ability Based SeatingTM.

*According to antropometric data (Source: (2009) Hansson et al. ,(1988) Berglund).


Case story - The right support for a champion

Meet Claudia Schäfers, national champion in archery, and read her own story about how the Etac 2B back support gives her the stability and support that she needs to perform her best and to be successful in archery while sitting in a wheelchair

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Etac Crissy Swing-Away

Padded Shields

Padded shields provide extra comfort and protect sensitive areas from peak pressure.
Etac Crissy Swing-Away

All in one seat depth

Adjustable seat depth from 37 to 45 cm (14½–17¾") in one frame by sliding the back support brackets. Further adjustability by the tension adjustable back straps.
Etac Crissy Swing-Away

Stable leg supports

The stable leg supports are available with or without locking mechanism. Choose between 70° or 90° knee angle.
Etac Crissy Swing-Away

Choose your color combination

Crissy can easily be personlized by combining different colour choices on the frame and the rear wheel mount.


37,5 cm
40 cm
42,5 cm
45 cm
47,5 cm
50 cm
Item number 13230103 13230105 13230107 13230109 13230111 13230113
Seat depth (mm) 370-450 370-450 370-450 370-450 370-450 370-450
Seat width (mm) 375 400 425 450 475 500
Total width (mm) 575 600 625 650 675 700
Transport weight (kg) 8,3 8,4 8,5 8,6 8,7 8,8
Weight (kg) 13,5 13,6 13,7 13,8 13,9 14

Front seat height: 40.5–55 cm (16–21¾")
Rear seat height: 38,5–51 cm (15¼–20")
Back support height: 2B low: 35–40 cm (13¾–15¾") 2B high: 42,5–47,5 cm (16¾–18¾") C2: 37,5–47,5 cm (14¾–18¾") Back support angle: 5º
Transport width/Folded: 32 cm (12½")
Max user weight: 125 kg (275.6 lbs)
Weights and dimensions given are for a chair with 24" rear wheels with quick-release hubs, 2B back, high pressure tires, aluminium handrims, leg supports, foot supports, brakes, mudguards, 6" castors with medium forks. The measurements given may vary by +–2% Transport weight: Weights and dimensions given are for a wheelchair with 2B back, brakes, 6" castors with medium forks. The measurements given may vary by +–2%.


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