2B back

Our most active back support. The curved tube creates a discrete side support. The tension adjustable upholstery has comfort shields preventing pressure in sensitive body zones.


Etac Cross 2B back

Curved back tubes

The 2B back support is designed with gently curved tubes providing extended lateral support. Upper body balance is core to optimize propulsion.
Accurate Pelvic Support

Accurate Pelvic Support

To fine tune the pelvic support, the lower part of the back upholstery is height adjustable. This setting is easily done with the user positioned in the wheelchair.
Padded Shields

Padded Shields

Padded shields provide extra comfort and protect sensitive areas from peak pressure.

Variants and details

Etac item number
Compatible with
Low back, 35-40 cm 28381 Cross 5
Low back, 42,5-47,5 cm 28382 Cross 5
Low back, 50-55 cm 28383 Cross 5
High back, 35-40 cm 28384 Cross 5
High back, 42,5-47,5 cm 28385 Cross 5
High back, 50-55 cm 28386 Cross 5