Etac Supporter Adjustable

Adjustable toilet arm supports

Supporter Adjustable can be set to three different heights and two widths. This makes them suitable for individuals in different sizes. The arm supports can be detached, swung sideways and adjusted in height.


Etac Supporter Adjustable

Adjustable set

Etac Supporter Adjustable set with narrow width between the arm supports. Lid and seat ring are included.
Etac Supporter Adjustable

Stable grip

The arm support has a round shape to give a stable grip when standing up.
Etac Supporter Adjustable

Seat with large opening

The shape of the seat is ergonomic and comfortable while offering the best accessibility as it has a large opening.
Etac Supporter Adjustable

Clean and smooth surfaces with safety in mind

Supporter has clean surfaces. The attachment has security features made orange for visibility.


Item number
Arm support height from top of seat (mm)
Arm support length (mm)
CC between bolt holes in toilet bowl (mm)
External width (mm)
Length (mm)
Maximum user weight (kg)
Opening: depth x width (mm)
Seat width (mm)
Weight (kg)
Width between arm supports (mm)
Supporter Adjustable 80303018-2 240/310/375 415 90-270 623/513 460 Frame and arm supports: powder coated tubular steel. Arm supports cover: polypropylene. Lid and seat: polypropylene. Mountings: aluminium 130 285x220 365 4.8 336/512