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Etac Crissy Swing-Away wheelchair

Facilitate transfer thanks to swing-away leg supports.

All you need is a hip measurement

The intelligent frame design makes it possible to customize Crissy to all seat depths to suit users from 158-190 cm*. All you need to do before ordering is to measure the hip width – then Crissy can easily be adjusted on site to meet the user’s needs. Any misfits can be corrected – even the colour.

Choose the 2B or the 2C back support

Crissy Swing–Away can be equipped with the new inventive 2B back support, or if height adjustable push handles are desired - the 2C back support. With either back choice, the seat depth can be adjusted by sliding the back support bracket.

Crissy Swing-Away is built to shape up. The right hip measurement ensure that you have the right wheelchair. Don’t spend your time measuring and ordering – spend it on the user. Don’t wait reach to your positioning targets. Now. We call this - Ability Based Seating™.

* According to antropometric data (Source: (2009) Hansson et al. ,(1988) Berglund).

Pick your country below to find the nearest Etac distributor.

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Padded Shields

Padded Shields

Padded shields provide extra comfort and protect sensitive areas from peak pressure.

All in one seat depth

All in one seat depth

Adjustable seat depth from 37 to 45 cm (14½–17¾") in one frame by sliding the back support brackets. Further adjustability by the tension adjustable back straps.

Stable leg supports

Stable leg supports

The stable leg supports are available with or without locking mechanism. Choose between 70° or 90° knee angle.

Choose your color combination

Choose your color combination

Crissy can easily be personlized by combining different colour choices on the frame and the rear wheel mount.

Model Seat width Seat depth Total width Weight Transport weight
37.5 cm 37.5 cm 37-45 cm 57.5 cm 13.5 kg 8.3 kg
40 cm 40 cm 37-45 cm 60 cm 13.6 kg 8.4 kg
42.5 cm 42.5 37-45 cm 62.5 cm 13.7 kg 8.5 kg
45 cm 45 cm 37-45 cm 65 cm 13.8 kg 8.6 kg
47.5 cm 47.5 cm 37-45 cm 67.5 cm 13.9 kg 8.7 kg
50 cm 50 cm 37-45 cm 70 cm 14 kg 8.8 kg

2B back

Our most active back support. The curved tube creates a discrete side support. The tension adjustable upholstery has comfort shields preventing pressure in sensitive body zones.

2C back support

Height adjustable back support with height adjustable push handles.

Attendant Brake

Fits together with the Etac 2C back system and with 22" or 24" rear wheels.

Plush cover

Soft elasticated cover. Dark grey plush. Fitted on the 2C back support and the 2B back support high.

Bow handle

Adjustable in height. Removable.

Wedges, model 1 (small)

Cell foam with Velcro attachment. Length: 13 cm (5"), Width: 9.5 cm (4"), Height: 2 cm (¾"). Sold per pair.

Wedges, model 2 (medium)

Cell foam with Velcro attachment. Length: 19 cm (7½"), Width: 12 cm (5"), Height: 2 cm (¾"). Sold per pair.

Wedges, model 3 (large)

Cell foam with Velcro attachment. Length: 20 cm (8"), Width: 17 cm (6½"), Height: 2.5 cm (1"). Sold per pair.

Back wedge plush, short

Soft wedge that attach with velcro under the back cover. 15 cm (6") model. Upholstery: dark grey plush. Sold per piece.

Back wedge plush, long

Soft wedge that attach with velcro under the back cover. 30 cm (12") model. Upholstery: dark grey plush. Sold per piece.

Side cushion

Embracing support. Rotate to choose between two different shapes. Height: 29 cm (11½"), Depth: 15 cm (6"). Supported by the arm support. Sold per piece.

Positioning belt

With snap-lock, length adjustable. Two alternative attachment points on the frame.

Mudguard in carbon fiber

Adjustable in height, depth and angle. Material: Carbon fibre.

Arm support

Detachable and height-adjustable with solid top, 25 cm (9¾") or long 35 cm (14¼") arm support pad. Height adjustment with Allen key or finger screw.

User brake with angled handle

Available in black or red color. Provides a larger gripping surface.

User brake with extension handle

The brake lever can be angled forward to facilitate sideway transfers.

Single hand brake

Right or left side. Can be combined with attendant brakes.

Seat Cushion

Anatomically shaped seat cushion. 56 cm (22") long. To be cut to the adjusted seat depht. Upholstery: dark grey plush and black velour.

Seat Comfort Wedge

Provides extra seat contour. To be placed inside the seat cushion cover.

Leg support standard

Detachable and swing-away. Also available with locking device. Available in black and white.

Leg support narrow

Brings the foot supports 5 cm (2") closer to the seat. Can only be used with 5" castors. Also available in a short version and with locking device. Available in black and white.

Amputee leg support

Adjustable in height, depth, angle and sideways. Fits both left and right side. Upholstery: dark grey plush or black dartex.

Foot support

Foldable. Adjustable in height, depth and angle. Available with short, medium or long attachment tube.

Foot support

Foldable. Adjustable in height, depth and angle. Available with short, medium or long attachment tube.

Foot support one-piece

Foldable and adjustable in height and angle.

Extended foot support

Enlarges the foot support depth. Fitted on existing foot support.

Calf strap

Removable, adjustable in length.

Padding for calf strap

Provides a softer support. Available in 20 cm (7¾"), 30 cm (11¾") and 40 cm (15¾") lengths.

Rear wheel

22” or 24”. As well as 24" lightweight rear wheel. Choose either solid or pneumatic wheel tyres. The lightweight wheel have a high pressure pneumatic tube.


Choose from plastic-coated, foam rubber, aluminium, titanium and stainless.

Spoke guards

Available in grey or yellow print.


Adjustable in height and length. Can also be folded upwards.

Castor angle adjustment tool

Simplifies to find the correct castor angle.

Widening castor housing

Moves the castor 3 cm (1¼") outwards. The chair´s total width will not be changed. Also available as short model for 4" and 5" castors, for extra low seat height.

Cane holder

In two parts: The cup is fitted to the inside of one of the tilters and the elastic strap is fitted around the cane.

Attendant brakes alt 1

With reduced handle grip for persons with smaller hands. 75 mm (3") between handle grip and brake lever.

Seat cushion, Tidy hygiene

With hygiene cover. Water repellent, wipeable with wet cloth, washing 90° C. Length 46 cm (18") (width 35-40 cm (13¾–15¾"), Length 50 cm (19¾") width 42,5–60 cm (16¾-23¾").

Seat extender

Attached to the seat with Velcro. Extends the seat surface in combination with medium and long seat depth.

Hemi tray

Fastened to the arm support cushions (included) using Velcro. Fits both short and long arm support. Available for seats up to 50 cm (20") width. A non-slip mat is available as an extra option.

Hemi tray, foldable

Adjustable in depth and width. Folds sideways. Attached to the arm support brackets. The height is set using the arm support.

Amputee weight

Counteracts risk of tipping for amputee users and improves propelling qualities. Detachable and angle adjustable. Can be combined with Amputee support. Weight: 3 kg (6,6 lbs).


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Etac Crissy

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Sparepart list

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Etac manual wheelchairs Re-use

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Accessory -Assembly instruction

User brake

Accessory -Assembly instruction

Adjustment Cushion Universal

Accessory -Assembly instruction

Angle-adjustable legrest

Accessory -Assembly instruction

Backrest brace

Accessory -Assembly instruction

Calf strap Cross

Accessory -Assembly instruction

Comfort wedge backrest

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Counterweight amputee Cross

Accessory -Assembly instruction

Extension footrest

Accessory -Assembly instruction

Footrest one piece

Accessory -Assembly instruction

Frontfork attachment widened/low/std


Accessory -Assembly instruction

Head support

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Accessory -Assembly instruction

Legrest amputee

Accessory -Assembly instruction

Legrest elevating / Attachment legrest / Calf support

Accessory -Assembly instruction

Armrest Hemi padded Cross / Next

Accessory -Assembly instruction

Spoke covers

Accessory -Assembly instruction


Accessory -Assembly instruction

Tray Hemi

Accessory -Assembly instruction

Tray Hemi Communication tip up


Accessory -Assembly instruction

Side Cushion Back Support right/left

Accessory -Assembly instruction

Comfort Wedge pair - H20 B110 L185 / H25 B175 L200 /20 B90 L130

Accessory -Assembly instruction

Lockable legrests

Accessory -Assembly instruction

M100, Anti tip

Attachment kit attendant brake Crissy

Accessory -Assembly instruction

Scissor brake ri/le

Accessory -Assembly instruction

Anti-tip active Crissy right, left