Immedia 4WayGlide NylonSheet

The standard nylon sheet has a unique Lock On Sheet function and non-slipmaterial along the bedside

For improved flexibility, the Nylon Sheet has the Lock On Sheet function in three areas. It also features non-slip material along the bedside. This Nylon Sheet features Lock On functionality. Non-slip material along the bedside is removed to allow transfer from the bed to another supine surface. And finally a nylonsheet without any locks, but still non-slip material along the bedside for users that don’t need a locking system.


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In-bed systems - Product guide

Balanced user mobility and an improved work environment for carers are essential when choosing an in-bed system.
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Pressure mapping

Immedia in-bed systems improve the working environment for caregivers and minimize shearing for bedridden people. But is the function of a pressure-relieving mattress affected by the in-bed system? Why do pressure mapping and how is it performed?


Immedia 4WayGlide NylonSheet No lock

No lock

NylonSheet with no lock allows micro-movements. Variant with or without non-slip along the side. The Mini and Midi always come with no lock.
4WayGlide One lock

One lock

NylonSheet with one lock under the buttocks to prevent the user from sliding unintentionally when in a sitting position. The user can still move their upper body and feet. Variant with or without non-slip along the side.
Immedia 4WayGlide NylonSheet

Two locks

NylonSheet with two locks placed under shoulders and lower legs. It is possible for the user to make micromovements under the buttocks, but will prevent them from sliding unintentionally when in a sitting position.
Feature 4WayGlide NylonSheet Three locks

Three locks

NylonSheet with three locks is ideal for users with many involuntary movements or where the locks can be activated to best suit the individual situation.


Material Nylon
Item number
Length (mm)
Maximum user weight (kg)
Width (mm)
4WayGlide NylonSheet IM85/200 2050 200 850
4WayGlide NylonSheet IM120/200 2050 300 1200
4WayGlide NylonSheet - non-slip sides IM85/200NS 2050 200 850
4WayGlide NylonSheet - non-slip sides IM90/200NS 2000 200 900
4WayGlide NylonSheet LPL w/lock IM85/200LPL 2050 200 850
4WayGlide NylonSheet LPL w/lock - non-slip sides IM85/200LPLNS 2050 200 850
4WayGlide NylonSheet w/lock maxi IM110/200LPLNS 2050 300 1100
4WayGlide NylonSheet LPL w/2x lock IM85/2002LPL 2000 200 850
4WayGlide NylonSheet LPL w/3x lock IM85/2003LPL 2000 200 850
4WayGlide NylonSheet w/lock maxi IM120/2003LPL 2000 300 1200
4WayGlide NylonSheet - mini IM140/100NS 1000 200 1600
4WayGlide NylonSheet - midi IM140/150NS 1500 200 1600


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