Immedia Positioning Wedge

Support and positioning cushions with non-slip material

Immedia Positioning Wedge supports the user on the side after turning, when resting or when performing hygiene or wound care, saving the caregiver from maintaining a static holding position. The Positioning Wedge can be combined with 4WayGlide System, SatinSheet System, MultiGlide or other slide sheets. The cover is a non-slip Polyurethane material that helps to keep the Positioning Wedge in place independent of surface material

Variants and details

Etac item number
Cover material
Height (mm)
Length (mm)
Maximum user weight (kg)
Width (mm)
Positioning Wedge L IM53/80NS - 200 800 Polyurethane foam 200 300
Positioning Wedge S IM53NS - 200 530 Polyurethane foam 200 300
Cover for IM53NS IM5300NS Nylon - - - - -
Cover for IM53/80NS IM5300/80NS Nylon - - - - -