Etac Clean Height Adjustable

Allows you to adjust the height of the seat

Adjust the height for a perfect fit
The possibility of adjusting the seat height means that Clean Height Adjustable can be tailor-made to suit the user's needs – for example to make transfers easier or to fit perfectly over the toilet. Adjustment is simple and no tools are required.

Clean Height Adjustable shower commode chair has the same basic benefits as the other members of the Clean family – but is also height-adjustable up to 60 cm, and has a greater range of foot supports and calf supports.


Sprung from the 90's, fit for the future.

Clean was introduced in 1999 and has been a best-selling mobile shower commode ever since. Following its launch, there have been numerous copies and attempts to imitate, but Clean remains the original. At the same time, Clean is more relevant than ever. With its slim design and manoeuvrable functionality, it meets the needs of tomorrow’s bathroom aids perfectly.

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Early drawings of Clean from "A&E Design - The Book".

A prize-winning mobile shower commode 

Clean has been acknowledged with the Red Dot as well as the Excellent Swedish Design award. Both constitute a renowned seal of quality for excellent product design. Like with all Etac's products, Clean has been continuously improved over the years, and throughout that process we have always made sure that the classic Clean, remains a modern Clean. 

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The smart design means that the chair is a perfect fit above all wall-mounted toilets, regardless of height.

Fits over the toilet

Thanks to the upright operating handle, the chair is a perfect fit, even over wall-mounted toilets.

Slim but roomy

The smart design gives Clean a large and comfortable sitting area even though the chair is neat and slim.
The practical foot support has a soft, rounded shape which gives the feet extra comfort and protection.

Foot support designed for feet

The practical foot support has a soft, rounded shape which gives the feet extra comfort and protection.
Etac-Clean-easy access

Easy access

The chair is open in the back to facilitate access for hygiene purposes.


Item number
Maximum user weight (kg)
Opening: depth x width (mm)
Seat depth (mm)
Seat height (mm)
Seat width (mm)
Space below seat (mm)
Weight (kg)
Width (mm)
Width between arm supports (mm)
Clean height-adjustable, 4 lockable wheels 80229208 White Chassis: Powder coated steel tubing. Seat/Back support: Polypropylene. Arm supports: Polypropylene. Foot support: Polypropylene. Castors: Polyamide/TPE/Stainless steel tubing. Castor height adjustment tubes: Stainless steel. 130 360 x 215 440 475 - 600 480 420 - 545* 14,2 540 435

*With pan holders: -15 mm


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