Seminars and Workshops

We offer a range of seminars and workshops with different topics and customize the content and time according to your needs. Here follows some theme suggestions for the different product ranges. It is also possible to make seminars and workshops with mixed product ranges.

ADL products

This is a product range that easily can be overlooked. Lots of simple products but also lots of smart functions that can make a huge difference to the user.

  • Daily Living solutions
    Learn more about the Etac ADL products. What makes Socky stocking aids better than the competitors? How come we have both thick and thin Light weight cutlery?

Bathroom Comfort

Bathroom body care is personal and something we want to manage in private. A bathroom can also be a work place for an assistant person. Safety and ergonomics are important factors to ensure comfort for both parties.

  • Bathroom safety 
    Focus on the independent to partly dependent user needs in the home environment.
  • Bathroom ergonomics 
    Focus on the care situation in the bathroom, in a home or institution. Possibilities to include some transfer products.

Manual Wheelchairs

An Etac wheelchair is designed for high functionality in all activities during the day. Therefore it is important that the wheelchair assessment covers everything from the user´s abilities, adjustments and propulsion.

  • Clinical Guidelines for a wheelchair assessment
    Analysis – Smart Goals – Wheelchair adjustment – Follow up.
  • Postural control for wheelchair users
    How to combine function and activity with a stable position.
  • Wheelchair hand/foot propulsion
    Position and propulsion go hand in hand. How to include propulsion aspects in the assessment procedure.

Transfer & safe Patient Handling

Safe Patient Handling has an increased focus in healthcare today. We offer a range of seminars/workshops to meet our customers’ needs for training and education in this field.

  • An introduction to mechanical & manual transfer
    A theoretical and practical workshop to give the participants basic knowledge about moving and handling in care settings.

The art of Transfer

Manual transfer techniques and patient handling in and around the bed.


Sling application & hoisting

Learn about different hoists and sling types. Practice sling applications for different situations.