HoverMatt Reusable Mini

Reusable transfer device, specifically designed for use in the OR, labour & delivery

The HoverMatt Reusable Mini is a shorter version of the original HoverMatt. At 1140 mm long it ends right below the buttocks and is ideal for use during cystoscopy, labour and delivery, and other gynaecological or urological procedures.

Efficient patient handling
The HoverMatt Air Transfer System makes lateral patient transfers easier for caregivers and patients. When inflated, a cushion of air beneath the mattress reduces the pull force required to move the patient by 80 – 90%, enabling caregivers to transfer patients safely without lifting or straining. By virtually eliminating the injuries related to transfers and positioning, the HoverMatt significantly helps to improve staff satisfaction and retention, while reducing direct and indirect workers’ compensation costs.

Improves patient comfort & safety
Inflated mattress cradles the patient while moving them in a stable position, eliminating skin shear and bruising and providing comfort for patients in pain. One device can be used for multiple patient handling tasks across the facility, including in radiology, diagnostic imaging and ancillary departments. The soft nylon fabric can be left comfortably under the patient for maximum use.

Double-coated version
The double-coated models offer fluid and stain resistance, making them ideal for the OR and labour & delivery.


HoverMatt Reusable Half-Matt

Ideal for Specialty Procedures

The shorter length accommodates speciality tables for convenience and adaptability.
Improves caregiver productivity

Improves caregiver productivity

As HoverMatt requires fewer caregivers, staff efficiency is improved.
Reduces skin shear

Reduces skin shear

HoverMatt reduces skin shear, which provides a more comfortable and dignified patient experience


Item number
Height (mm)
Length (mm)
Maximum user weight (kg)
Pieces per pack
Width (mm)
HoverMatt Reusable Mini Mattress 34" heat-sealed HM34HS-MINI 180 1140 Nylon twill. Latex-free 272 1 860
HoverMatt Reusable Mini Mattress 34" double-coated HM34DC-MINI 180 1140 Nylon twill with silica polyurethane coating on the patient side. Latex-free 272 1 860


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