Elevate your standard of care

Elevating staff safety, patient care, and value

HoverTech has been a trusted partner in enhancing patient care and healthcare worker safety for over two decades. The versatile HoverMatt® Single-Patient Use (SPU) Air Transfer Mattress serves multiple essential functions without compromising patient comfort. A product that streamlines patient transfers assists with boosting, optimizes patient positioning, and facilitates proning, all while prioritizing caregiver well-being.

The HoverMatt SPU creates a cushion of air beneath the mattress, significantly reducing the physical effort required to reposition patients. A technology that minimizes the burden on caregivers by up to 80-90%, allowing them to safely move patients without the risk of lifting-related strain or injury.

Elevating staff safety

The use of the HoverMatt, in conjunction with an effective Safe Patient Handling and Mobility (SPHM) program, has been shown to reduce caregiver injuries resulting from patient handling:

  • 73% injury reduction¹
  • 94% lost or restricted workday reduction¹
  • HoverMatt stays under the patient² for all-day care, which simplifies the decision-making process for caregivers.

Elevating patient care

The HoverMatt uphold the efforts for pressure injury prevention²:

  • Manages microclimate properties
  • Redistributes pressure under bony prominences
  • Reduces friction and shear

In addition to this, it also preserves the patients' dignity and cradles them while moving them in a stable position.

Elevating value

  • Evidence shows hospitals reduced direct medical and indirect costs by 98% using the HoverMatt in conjunction with an effective Safe Patient Handling and Mobility program¹.
  • Only two caregivers are needed to laterally transfer a patient with the HoverMatt or HoverSling® compared to four caregivers with a traditional sheet transfer.³ (based on a 90 kg patient)
  • Carry 50% less inventory and spend less with HoverSling

1. HoverTech case studies. 2. Pressure injury prevention, supported by technical studies (PDF). 3. Internal calculation based on Nelson AL, “Patient Care Ergonomics Resource Guide: Safe Patient Handling and Movement,” 2003 and Waters TR, “When is it safe to manually lift a patient?” AJN August 2007 Vol. 107, No. 8.

Evaluation of patients’ experience of pain during lateral transfers

The Swedish Karlskoga Hospital made an evaluation where they compared patient pain levels during lateral transfers using glide boards and the air-assisted HoverMatt mattress.

Patients with suspected hip fractures, who frequently undergo such transfers, experienced significantly less pain with HoverMatt. The survey found that the average pain score on a 10-point VAS scale was markedly lower for HoverMatt (1.3) compared to glide boards (5.2). Notably, 50% of HoverMatt users reported 'No pain,' and even the highest HoverMatt pain score (VAS: 5) was less than half the pain experienced by some glide board users.

The study underscores HoverMatt's effectiveness in reducing patient pain during lateral transfers.

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