R82 Wombat Living

Wombat Living is a functional assistive chair with numerous configuration possibilities.

Depending on the user’s level of function, the chair can be designed with standard functions that suit the specific needs. For some users a chair with only a few accessories and simple standard features is suitable. Others might need a chair with much more accessories and technical functions, like a power unit for height adjustment. Nothing compares to a custom designed chair!

The height adjustable frame, which goes all the way down to 29 cm above floor level, in combination with anterior tilt eases standing transfer and ensures that all unnecessary and repetitive lifting is avoided.

It is available in 3 sizes and can be configured to accommodate different needs for postural support through different cushions and a wide range of accessories.


Wombat Living_height adjustment

Height adjustment

Wombat Living aims to mimic as many of the different seat heights as possible to enable the child to use the seating system in a large range of different heights from the floor to table height.
Build-in growth

Build-in growth

Wombat Living offers stepless adjustment for growth. Move the backrest forward or backward and adjust the hip supports to fit any user size. The hip supports also angle to support the user’s hips and thighs.
Small details

Small details - big difference

The cushions are made from thick comfortable foam with breathable covers. Small details like a shaped cushion that protect the user's knees and extra durable edges, make a big difference in everyday use.
Tilt in space

Tilt in space

The seat unit tilts from -10° to 30° to accommodate both relaxed and active sitting postures. Depending on the level of function, some users will be able to activate the handle beneath the seat themselves.


1075 - Wombat Living size 1
1075 - Wombat Living size 2
1075 - Wombat Living size 3 - Power and Gas
1075 - Wombat Living size 3 - Hydraulics
Arm rest to seat distance, long rod and pad (accessories) (mm) 65–265 65–265 65–265 65–265
Armrest to seat distance (mm) 65–175 65–175 65–175 65–175
Back width (mm) 250 300 350 350
Backrest angle (°) 0–28 0–28 0–33 0–33
Backrest height (Long back) (mm) 360–430 395–460 460–550 460–550
Backrest height (mm) 280–340 310–380 390–475 390–475
Effective back width, contoured cushion (mm) 170 230 270 270
Effective seat depth (mm) 180–310 250–380 320–500 320–500
Effective seat width (mm) 300 370 420 420
Footrest to seat distance (mm) 150–250 150–350 150–440 150–440
Leg to seat surface angle (°) (-30)–(30) (-30)–(30) (-30)–(30) (-30)–(30)
Length (mm) 650 650 650 750
Mass device (kg) 18 18.5 23.5 26.2
Maximum rated load (kg) 65 65.5 95.5 98.2
Maximum user mass (kg) 45 45 70 70
Overall width (mm) 550 550 550 610
Seat plane angle (°) (-10)–(30) (-10)–(30) (-10)–(22) (-10)–(22)
Seat surface height at front edge (mm) 230–610 230–610 330–630 390–630
Seat width between Hip Supports (accessories) (mm) 105–300 170–370 215–420 215–420
Seat width, pelvis support with sides (accessories)(mm) 170–240 230–300 290–360 290–360
Total height (mm) 640–990 670–1030 780–1145 780–1145
Width, pelvis support without sides (accessories)(mm) 240 240 290 290

The measurements above are based on the use of 75 mm castors for the gas and power versions and 100 mm castors for the hydraulic version with the frame in the most basic configuration. Different settings may result in another set of measurements.


Wombat Living with Long back

Wombat Living with Short back




Central brake for 100 mm castors


Available for size 1, 2 and 3

Anthracite grey

Available for size 1 and 2


Available for size 1, 2 and 3

Choose between three different ways to perform the height adjustment

Pedal mounted on the frame

Release handle mounted on the push brace

Power actuator

Choose between two different ways to perform the seat angle adjustment

Release handle mounted beneath the seat

Release handle mounted on the push brace


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