Adjustable head support

Available with or without speakers

  • This is a configurable product. Contact your local dealer for finding the head support that fits your child's needs.


Adjustable head support, without speaker
Adjustable head support, with speaker
R82 item number xx =73 xx = 71
Measurements (drawing) A: 120 x B: 150 x C: max. 240 mm A: 120 x B: 150 x C: max. 240 mm


Choose from the different systems of head support bars 99xxxXX-xx

Turtle bar system, long

25 cm XX = 93

Turtle bar system, short

13 cm XX=92

Turtle bar system, flat mount

Short 13 cm XX=90, Long 25 cm XX=91

Swan neck bar system, horizontal

10 cm XX=1X 20 cm XX=2X

Swan neck bar system, vertical

19 cm XX=X1, 34 cm XX=X2

I-to-I bracket 87590

Choose from the different colours and materials. 99xxxxx-XX

Without cover XX=00

Decutex, smooth XX=82

Only for adjustable head supports

Mesh, black XX=85

Only for adjustable head supports

Dynamic feature X = 6

Compatible with adjustable head support XX=71, XX=73, XX=75, XX=77

Non-dynamic feature X = 7