R82 Wombat Solo

Wombat Solo is an elegant simple activity chair suitable for both young children and teenagers. It has built-in growth making it a chair for life.

The modern design, discreet frame and colours make it suitable for use in any indoor environment. Wombat Solo enables optimum independence as it can be operated by the user. Simply by lifting the handles under the seat the user can adjust the height of the frame, the tilt degree of the seat and the 90-degree swivel. Now the user can really take control of their seating position.
Use the Wombat Solo for daily activities such as reading and learning at school, having fun with friends and when helping with daily chores at home. The Wombat Solo exudes Danish design, the minimalist appearance with the discreet frame and unique fabric colours, make it fit anywhere. It is available in 3 sizes and configurable, making it fit any shape and size.


Optimum independence

Optimum independence

The Wombat Solo helps you reach optimum independence by enabling the user to take control over their seating position by activating the handles underneath the seat.
Open Frame

Open Frame

Not only is the Wombat Solo frame elegant and discreet, but it is also open to ease transfer in and out of the seat.


Size 1
Size 2
Size 3
Etac item number 31951xxxxx-00 31952xxxxx-00 31953xxxxx-00
R82 item number 951xxxxx-00 952xxxxx-00 953xxxxx-00
Back width (mm) 250 300 350
Backrest angle (°) 0-28 0-28 0-33
Backrest height (Long back) (mm) 360-430 395-460 460-550
Backrest height (mm) 280-340 310-380 390-500
Effective back width, contoured cushion (mm) 170 230 270
Effective seat depth (mm) 180-310 250-380 320-500
Effective seat width (mm) 300 370 420
Footrest to seat distance, frame mounted (mm) 95-320 95-320 245-395
Footrest to seat distance, seat mounted (mm) 85-185 85-285 85-375
Leg to seat surface angle (°) (-30) - 30 (-30) - 30 (-30) - 30
Length (mm) 645 645 645
Mass device (kg) 12.5 13 16
Maximum rated load (kg) 59.5 60 88
Maximum user mass (kg) 45 45 70
Overall width (mm) 560 560 560
Seat plane angle (°) (-10) - 15 (-10) - 15 (-10) - 10
Seat surface height at front edge (mm) 310-430 310-430 375-491
Seat surface height at front edge, with cushion (mm) 375-495 375-495 440-556
  • Measured without cushions. There are 6 positions for height adjustment in the center column. Each increment adds 22 mm to measure starting from position -1. ** Add 65 mm to measure with cushion. (A–E) Measured with cushion. (I) Add 15 mm to measure when 100 mm castors are mounted. (L) Add 10 mm to measure when 100 mm castors are mounted.


Brakes on all 4 castors. 100mm castors available with central brake.

75mm, brakes on all 4 wheels

100mm, brakes on all 4 wheels

100mm, with central brake

Anthracite grey

Long back

Short back

Foot rest mounted under seat

Foot rest mounted on frame

Recommended if swivel is chosen.

Wombat Solo is available with 90 degrees rotation with a handle under the seat to operate

Unique Swivel function

Choose between 6 different ways to preform the height and tilt adjustment

Height handle under seat

Height and tilt handle under seat (plus back recline on size 3)

Height pedal with lock-out on frame, tilt handle under seat

Height pedal with lock-out on frame, tilt lever on push brace

Height and tilt pedals with lock-out on frame

Height and tilt lever on push brace



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