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Molift RgoSling Repositioning Sheet

An in-bed lift and positioning sheet

Reduce risks and save time

Repositioning and transfer of users in beds is repeated countless times a day and is associated with injury risks for care providers. Molifts Repositioning Sheet reduces the risk of injury and contributes to a higher quality of care by facilitating strenuous lifts and transfers.

Comfortable and dignified care

The Molift Repositioning Sheet is designed as an in-bed system for maximum patient comfort. Since the sheet is always positioned in the bed, a multitude of care situations are made faster and easier for both carer and

patient. Bariatric care in particular places distinct

demands on patient comfort and dignity that are

supported by the Repositioning Sheet.

In addition, the Molifit Repositioning Sheet provides support to the user's body, ensuring maximum comfort and a secure feeling in connection with transfers, turns and repositioning.

Facilitates care situations

The Molift Repositioning Sheet is suitable for bariatric care, turning bed-bound patients and lifting patients higher in the bed. The sheet is also suitable when transferring users from bed to bed and to and from supine surfaces. When treating for example sores and skin issues, the sheet can provide good access to various parts of the body. The Repositioning Sheet is also very useful when changing bed linens.

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Time-saving convenience

Time-saving convenience

The Repositioning Sheet is designed to stay fitted on the bed, ready to use at any time. This frees up carers’ time for other tasks in the daily care.

Maximum user comfort

Maximum user comfort

The webbing on the Repositioning Sheet is sewn along the edge of the sheet. This ensures a smooth surface and a comfortable transfer situation, without the webbing creating a pressure care risk, for the patient.

Clear colour coding

Clear colour coding

Thanks to clear colour coding of straps, carers can easily see and communicate which position/colour the strap should be attached to on each side of the sling bar.

Part of a flexible system

Part of a flexible system

The Repositioning Sheet is part of Molift's wide range of flexible solutions within patient handling. The range consists of rail systems, ceiling and mobile hoists, sling bars and slings for all kind of care situations.


Repositioning sheet: 100% Durable polyester
Lifting straps: 100% Polyester


1340 mm


1300 mm

Safe Working Load SWL

500 kg

Molift RgoSling Repositioning Sheet Item no.
- Molift RgoSling Repositioning Sheet 1721570
- Molift RgoSling Repositioning Sheet 10 pcs 1721570-C


Leaflet Molift RgoSling Repositioning Sheet