Adapter for x:panda shape 3

13 June 2023

The newly launched x:panda shape seats are already becoming popular around the world.

Several R82 frame options are also available, and the seats can be mounted either directly onto the frames or by using an adapter.

Here is the new adapter for the x:panda shape 3 seats for use on Multi Frame, Multi Frame:x, Combi Frame:x, Strong Base and High-low:xo.

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R82 Multi Frame

The Multi Frame is an innovative, lightweight and highly manoeuvrable wheelchair base.

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R82 Multi Frame:x

The Multi Frame:x is a strong, stable and highly manoeuvrable wheelchair base. A sturdy construction and a simple design makes it a delight to the eye.

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R82 Combi Frame:x

The Combi Frame:x is a unique wheelchair frame for customized seating systems.

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R82 Strong base

The Strong Base is a simple, stable and strong base for large seat units such as the Panda Futura 5 and the x:panda 4 from R82.

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R82 High-low:xo

The High-low:xo frame is user friendly height adjustable frame that goes from floor to table height. The frame is available with either gas, power or hydraulic height adjustment. 

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