Etac Prio 3D

We are proud to present our new 3D back support system. A patented innovation that is mouldable in all directions, ideal for asymmetry and kyphosis.

Kyphosis affects the whole body
Aging affects the curvature of the spine. If the spinal curvature exceeds 45°, it is diagnosed as kyphosis. We have created a back support providing space and support in all directions for users with kyphosis and other asymmetries.

Managing to be active
Sitting in a slouched position affects the ability to be active. The head moves forward and drops, which also displaces the centre of gravity. The curved shape of the upper trunk limits the mobility of the shoulder blades, affecting the mobility of the arms. A kyphosis accelerates these symptoms. A lot of energy is used to hold the head up. The sitting position becomes unstable and the degree of activity is limited. The goal is to improve the head position and create a supportive and relaxed position, from the pelvic area to the upper trunk. This will also facilitate activity.

Time to shape up!


3-part back cushion

3-part back cushion

The soft, padded side panels provide lateral support and creates a horizontal contoured shape. The centre panel follows the vertical shape of the kyphosis.
Back support height

Back support height

A kyphotic back often requires a lower back height. The Prio 3D back support can be adjusted from 45 to 60 cm.
The head support is soft

Traditional head support

The head can be positioned in front of the trunk. This puts demands on the depth adjustment of the head support.
The support is dynamic

Dynamic pelvic support

The users´s back must be supported from the pelvic area and up. The dynamic pelvic support is just as important for a user with a kyphotic back since it enables pelvic and spinal variations.


Etac item number
Seat depth (mm)
Seat width (mm)
Total width (mm)
Transport weight (kg)
Transport width (mm)
Weight (kg)
Width with attendant brakes (mm)
40 cm 13420217 390-510 400 590 22,9 560 33,5 640
45 cm 13420217 390-510 450 640 23,2 610 33,8 690
50 cm 13420217 390-510 500 690 23,5 660 34,1 740
55 cm 13420217 390-510 550 740 23,8 710 34,4 790

Back Support height: 45-60 cm (17¾"-23.5")
Tilt angle: -3° to +20°
Back support adjustable angulation: 0° – +30°
Balance positions: Etac Prio with 20", 22", or 24" rear wheels has three altarnative balance positions for each seat height.
Maximun user weight: 135 kg (21.5 lbs)
Total Weight: Measured with arm supports, elevating leg supports, calf support, rear wheels and anti-tippers.
Total width: M100 rear wheels +19 cm (7½") / Cross 5 rear wheels +21 cm (8¼") / 24" rear wheels, attendant brakes +24 cm (9½") / 16" hjul +19.5 cm (7¾")
Seat height: 20", 22" and 24" rear wheels: 38–52.5 cm (15-20¾")
16" rear wheels: 40-45 cm (15¾-17¾")
Transport weight: 22.9-23.8 kg (50.5-53 lbs) without arm supports, elevating leg supports, calf support and rear wheels.


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