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Etac Prio 3D multi-functional wheelchair

We are proud to present our new 3D back support system! A patent-pending innovation that is mouldable in all directions, ideal for asymmetry and kyphosis.

Kyphosis affects the whole body

Aging affects the curvature of the spine. If the spinal curvature exceeds 45°, it is diagnosed as kyphosis. We have created a back support providing space and support in all directions for users with kyphosis and other asymmetries.

Managing to be active

Sitting in a slouched position affects the ability to be active. The head moves forward and drops, which also displaces the centre of gravity. The curved shape of the upper trunk limits the mobility of the shoulder blades, affecting the mobility of the arms. A kyphosis accelerates these symptoms. A lot of energy is used to hold the head up. The sitting position becomes unstable and the degree of activity is limited. The goal is to improve the head position and create a supportive and relaxed position, from the pelvic area to the upper trunk. This will also facilitate activity.

Time to shape up!

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3-part back cushion

3-part back cushion

The soft, padded side panels provide lateral support and creates a horizontal contoured shape. The centre panel follows the vertical shape of the kyphosis.

Back support height

Back support height

A kyphotic back often requires a lower back height. The Prio 3D back support can be adjusted from 45 to 60 cm.

Traditional head support

Traditional head support

The head can be positioned in front of the trunk. This puts demands on the depth adjustment of the head support.

Dynamic pelvic support

Dynamic pelvic support

The users´s back must be supported from the pelvic area and up. The dynamic pelvic support is just as important for a user with a kyphotic back since it enables pelvic and spinal variations.

Model Seat width Seat depth Total width Transport width Weight
40 cm (15¾") 40 cm 39-51 cm 59 cm 56 cm 33.5 kg
45 cm (17¾") 45 cm 39-51 cm 64 cm 61 cm 33.8 kg
50 cm (19¾") 50 cm 39-51 cm 69 cm 66 cm 34.1 kg
55 cm (21¾") 55 cm 39-51 cm 74 cm 71 cm 34.4 kg

Head Support, Soft

Height and depth adjustable, with memory function. Available in plush or hygiene cover. Width: 37 cm

Head Support, Traditional

Height and angle adjustable, detacable. Recommended for users with kyphosis. Cover: Plush or grey hygiene fabric.

Head support with side support

Adjustable in height, depth, angle and sideways. The upholstery is detachable and washable. Combine with head support attachment.

Back cushion

Soft and flexible back cushion, attached with zippers. Cover: Plush, green or grey hygiene fabric.

3D back support system

Unique back system providing support and space for a kyphotic back or asymmetries.

Locking pin quick release back

To enable folding the back support.

Push handles

Height adjustable and detachable, grips with anti-slide handle covers

Bow Handle

Height adjustable, detachable. Can be combined with attendant brake.

Bow handle, adjustable angle

Height and angle adjustable. Detachable. Can be combined with attendant brake. Fits Prio 40 cm, 45 cm and 50 cm width.

Arm support

Height and depth adjustable and detachable.

Arm support soft cover

For added comfort on standard arm support.

Hemi-arm support

With easy accessible angle settings at the front.

Seat cushion, Comfort

The comfort cushion is slightly lower at the rear. To further improve the stability, it has a removable viscoelastic foam instert and contouring for the thighs. Cover: Plush, green or grey hygiene fabric.

Seat cushion, Basic

The Basic cushion is slightly lower at the rear. Cover: Plush, green or grey hygiene fabric.

Gas piston clips

Reduce the angle options. The more clips added, the less the chair can recline. No tools are required.

Lever locking device

Prevents activation of the recline or tilt. To adjust the position, pull the locking device upwards, and then push it back down to lock.

Comfort Lock

This function ensures the same preset tilt position. There are four alternative seat tilt settings (0°, 4°, 8° or 12°). Choose one position that is frequently used for activity and rest.

Brake with angled handle, red

For 20", 22" and 24" rear wheels. Provides a larger gripping surface. Available in black or red.

Brake with extension handle

The brake lever can be angled forward to facilitate sideway transfers.

Attendant brake

With anti-slide handle cover. 10 cm (4") between the handle grip and brake lever.

Lateral support, swing-away

Adjustable in height, depth and width. The arm support can be removed when the support is swung out. Ideal for side transfer. Cushion: Polyurethane.

Lateral support, adjustable

Adjustable in height, depth and width. Easily removed and installed without tools. Cushion: Pollyurethane.

Side pads

Reduces the seat width with 2.0 cm (3/4"). To be attached on the side guards.

Arm support attachment with widening kit

Increases the width between the arm supports with 2.5 cm (1").

Wedges, model 1 (small)

Cell foam with Velcro attachment. Length: 13 cm (5"), Width: 9.5 cm (4"), Height: 2 cm (¾"). Sold per pair.

Wedges, model 2 (medium)

Cell foam with Velcro attachment. Length: 19 cm (7½"), Width: 12 cm (5"), Height: 2 cm (¾"). Sold per pair.

Wedges, model 3 (large)

Cell foam with Velcro attachment. Length: 20 cm (8"), Width: 17 cm (6½"), Height: 2.5 cm (1"). Sold per pair.

Leg support, fixed angle

Swing-away and detachable.

Leg supports, elevating

Swing-away and detachable. With foldable calf supports, adjustable in height and depth. Cover: Hygiene fabric.

Leg support, Cross platform

Swing-away and detachable.

Foot support, standard

Foldable, height and angle adjustable. Equipped with heel strap, adjustable in depth. Length: 15 cm (6")

Foot support, Cross

Height and angle adjustable. Equipped with heel strap. Adjustable in depth. Length: 13 cm (5")

Foot support Cover

For added comfort. Plush.

Calf strap

Length-adjustable and detachable

Calf strap padding

Detachable. Available in lengths of 20, 30 and 40 cm.

Padded calf strap

Soft and warm comfort, Velcro adjustment. Assembly on fixed or elevating leg support.

Extended foot support

Length: 21 cm (8 3/4).

Platform foot support

The platform provides a floor sensation and stimulates movement. Foldable and detachable.

Foot support, platform Cross

Side folding, elevating. Assembly on fixed, elevating and angle adjustable leg support.

Soft padding, platform Cross

For added comfort. Plush.


Transparent, mounted on the arm support.

Castor wheels

6" or 8".

Additional seat heights for 16" rear wheels

Distance that enables two additional seat heights for 16" rear wheels: 40 cm (15¾") and 42.5 cm (16¾").

Rear wheels

20", 22" or 24". Solid tyres. Quick release hub, aluminum handrim. 16" transport wheels.

Leg abduction

Detachable, depth-adjustable.

Positioning belt

Alternative fixing points on the frame.

Chest strap attachment

To be combined with traditional head support.

Spoke guards

Available in grey or yellow print.


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Etac Prio manual en

Prescription form

Etac Prio prescription form, clickable. Right click, download as pdf and open in Acrobat reader!

Sparepart list

Etac Prio sparepart list en

Pre purchase guide

Etac hygiene assortment and manual wheelchairs

Recondition instruction

Etac manual wheelchairs Re-use

Accessory -Assembly instruction

Padding side protection

Accessory -Assembly instruction

Velcro kit seat

Accessory -Assembly instruction

Attachment harness

Accessory -Assembly instruction

Head support angle adjustable


Accessory -Assembly instruction

Angle reducer back support/tilt angle

Accessory -Assembly instruction

IV stand


Accessory -Assembly instruction


Accessory -Assembly instruction

Arm support Hemi Etac Prio

Accessory -Assembly instruction

3D-back support

Accessory -Assembly instruction

Trunk support detachable


Accessory -Assembly instruction

Trunk support


Accessory -Assembly instruction

Locking device for seat and back support angle controls Etac Prio

Accessory -Assembly instruction

Cane holder universal

Accessory -Assembly instruction

Comfort Wedge pair - H20 B110 L185 / H25 B175 L200 /20 B90 L130

Accessory -Assembly instruction

Oxygen holder, transport basket

Accessory -Assembly instruction

Cover for arm support, padded

Accessory -Assembly instruction

Brake adapter Prio 20"

Accessory -Assembly instruction

Brake adapter Prio 22"

Accessory -Assembly instruction

Spacer 16” Prio