Immedia LeanOnMe Channel

The flexible channel-sewn cushion protects, supports, and relieves

It can be rolled and shaped depending on the application. The cushion can be placed under the leg(s), between the legs, under the calves to relieve the heels, or to support an arm. In a lateral position, the cushion can be placed under the back or between the legs to protect exposed areas. When sitting, the cushion is placed in the back as support.


Channel supine

Channel supine

When placed under both legs, it will relief edama. Also for pain- and pressure relieving effect.
Channel legs

Channel legs

For elevation or for pressure relief on the ankle and/or heel.
Channel lateral

Channel lateral

When placed between the legs, it protects exposed areas such as inner knees and ankles, and pressure from bedrails.


Cover material 75% Lyocell (Tencel™ + Smartcel™ sensitive), 25% Modal (Tencel™). 100% polyester filling and polyurethane membrane. Length (mm) 750
Inside material Inner cushion: 50% cotton, 50% polyester. Filling: granulated residual polyurethane foam, EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) beans. Width (mm) 750
Item number
LeanOnMe Channel + Soft-Touch Cover IM15108
LeanOnMe Channel + Hygienic Cover IM16108
Soft-Touch Cover for IM15108 IM10508
Hygienic Cover for IM16108 IM10608



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