Immedia TwinSheet4Glide

The in-bed solution for incontinent users

The TwinSheet4Glide is suitable for turning and positioning incontinent users with severely reduced mobility. Also suitable for users with dementia or for those who feel unsafe, have brain damage, pain, pressure ulcers or are heavy. The TwinSheet4Glide consists of two main parts: a nylon sheet and an absorbent slide pad.

4WayGlide NylonSheet is fitted directly to the bed mattress. The nylon sheet has a low-friction sliding area, allowing the glide pad to slide easily on top.

Absorbing glide pad
On top of the nylon sheet, the glide pad is added to assist in moving in all directions. The glide pad has handles on the underside, facilitating a good grip for repositioning. TwinSheet4Glide comes in two versions - full-length and two-parted. Disconnecting the lower part in this position provides better access for the care of pressure ulcers, hygiene, dressing, and even changing the bedding. Can be used in combination with a hoist.

TwinSheet4Glide is suitable for:

  • Turning and positioning
  • Provide support for users in the side position
  • Personal hygiene, ulcer care and dressing
  • Moving higher up in bed
  • Horizontal transfer


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TwinSheet4Glide Handles


Handles on the underside facilitate an ergonomic grip for the carer and allow attachment to a hoist.
Full length


A quilted mattress with a microfiber surface on top and an absorbent middle layer that covers the full length of the bed.
TwinSheet4Glide Two-parted


The two-parted version is ideal to use in combination with a hoist. The user can be positioned on the side for ulcer care or personal hygiene. The bottom part can easily be removed and replaced if soiled.


Item number
Absorption capacity (ml/m2)
Length (mm)
Maximum user weight (kg)
Product includes
Width (mm)
TwinSheet4Glide - long IM150/200N 2000 2000 Polyester, viscose, polyurethane 200 - 1470
Twinsheet4Glide - down IM150/140N 2000 1400 Polyester, viscose, polyurethane 200 - 1470
Twinsheet4Glide - top IM150/75N 2000 850 Polyester, viscose, polyurethane 200 - 1470
4WayGlide NylonSheet IM85/200 - 2050 Nylon 200 - 850
4WayGlide NylonSheet - non-slip sides IM85/200NS - 2050 Nylon 200 - 850
4WayGlide NylonSheet - non-slip sides IM90/200NS - 2000 Nylon 200 - 900
4WayGlide NylonSheet LPL w/lock IM85/200LPL - 2050 Nylon 200 - 850
4WayGlide NylonSheet LPL w/lock - non-slip sides IM85/200LPLNS - 2050 Nylon 200 - 850
4WayGlide NylonSheet LPL w/2x lock IM85/2002LPL - 2000 Nylon 200 - 850
4WayGlide NylonSheet LPL w/3x lock IM85/2003LPL - 2000 Nylon 200 - 850
TwinSheet4Glide w/lock set IM4312 - - - - IM150/75N + IM150/140N + IM85/200LPLNS -
TwinSheet4Glide w/3x lock set IM4314 - - - - IM150/75N + IM150/140N + IM85/2003LPL -
TwinSheet4Glide set IM4315 - - - - IM150/75N + IM150/140N -
TwinSheet4Glide-long w/3x lock set IM4316 - - - - IM150/200N + IM85/2003LPL -
TwinSheet4Glide - long w/lock set IM4317 - - - - IM150/200N + IM85/200LPLNS -


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