HoverSling SPU Split-Leg

Breathable multi-use transfer and lift device

The HoverSling SPU Split-Leg is a unique, multi-use product for transfer and repositioning. The breathable material makes it possible to use the product both as a standard transfer mattress for repositioning and a sling in a sitting position.

HoverSling Split-Leg can follow the patient throughout the hospital stay - from lateral transfer to a sitting transfer - e.g. in a department where ceiling hoists are used. Using the same product throughout the organization facilitates the implementation and provides a basis for a good overall economy.

Several qualities
As a combined transfer and lifting device, the breathable HoverSling Split-Leg has all the benefits of the HoverMatt SPU. It can be used to advantage lateral transfer, repositioning, turns and positionings. When the lifting straps are used for seated transfer, the patient's neck, back, hips and legs are kept stable, comfortable and safe.

HoverSling SPU is compatible with X-ray, MRI and CT scans with documented artefact-free imaging. In addition, single patient use (SPU) reduces costs, handling and logistics for laundry, and the risk of cross-contamination.


Comfortable seated lift

Comfortable seated lift

Eliminates roping affect and riding up on patient
HoverSling SPU Split-Leg

Reduces inventory and cost

Combines the function of a HoverMatt SPU Mattress and a standard sling.
Cradles the patient

Cradles the patient

When used as a lift sling for seated transfers, the sling cradles the patient’s limbs evenly and securely for greater patient comfort.


Item number
Length (mm)
Maximum user weight (kg)
Pieces per pack
Width (mm)
HoverSling SPU Split-Leg 34" HMSLING-34-B 1780 Top: Non-woven polypropylene fiber. Bottom: Nylon. Latex-free. 318 10 860


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