HoverMatt SPU Mattress

Advanced breathable textiles enable caregivers to confidently leave the product under their patients

Highly breathable for patient comfort
The HoverMatt Single-Patient Use (SPU) is designed to be multifunctional. The breathable HoverMatt makes transfers, boosting and positioning easier for caregivers while protecting patient safety. A cushion of air beneath the inflated HoverMatt SPU reduces the force required to move a patient by 80-90%, enabling caregivers to safely transfer patients without lifting or straining.

Benefits for both carer and patient
By reducing injuries related to lateral transfers and repositioning, the HoverMatt SPU helps to improve staff retention while meeting legislative guidelines for safe patient handling. Independent laboratory testing shows compatibility with low air loss beds. The elevated evaporative properties of the breathable HoverMatt SPU help to maintain the ideal microclimate, making it safe to leave under patients for all-day care.

HoverMatt SPU is compatible with X-ray, MRI and CT scans with documented artefact-free imaging. In addition, single patient use (SPU) reduces costs, handling and logistics for laundry, and the risk of cross-contamination.


Lower caregiver injuries

Lower caregiver injuries

HoverMatt reduces the force required to move patients by 80-90%, preventing work-related injuries.
Comfortable patient experience

Improves caregiver productivity

As Hovermatt SPU requires fewer caregivers, staff efficiency is improved.
Reduced risk for cross-contamination

Reduced risk for cross-contamination

Single-patient use products significantly reduce the risk of cross-contamination and also eliminates costs and logistics associated with laundering.
Comfortable patient experience

Comfortable patient experience

The patient is cradled by the inflated mattress, which ensures stable movement and eradicates skin shear and bruising, providing them with comfort and pain relief.


Item number
Height (mm)
Length (mm)
Maximum user weight (kg)
Pieces per pack
Width (mm)
HoverMatt SPU-B Mattress 34" HM34SPU-B 180 1980 Top: Non-woven polypropylene fiber. Bottom: Nylon. Latex-free. 544 10 860
HoverMatt SPU-B Mattress 39" HM39SPU-B 180 1980 Top: Non-woven polypropylene fiber. Bottom: Nylon. Latex-free. 544 10 990
HoverMatt SPU-B Mattress 50" HM50SPU-B 180 1980 Top: Non-woven polypropylene fiber. Bottom: Nylon. Latex-free. 544 5 1270



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