Air patient lift for lifting patients from floor to bed or stretcher height in supine position

Maximize patient comfort and safety
HoverJack air patient lift allows caregivers to safely lift individuals who have fallen without assembling a lifting team. HoverJack consists of four chambers that are inflated sequentially to comfortably lift patients from floor to bed or stretcher in a supine position.

Safe solution without lifting
Using the HoverJack in combination with the HoverMatt Air Transfer System provides a safe solution without lifting, with maximum patient comfort and minimized risk of injury for both the patient and the caregivers. After performing a lift with the HoverJack, the HoverMatt can be used to move the patient to a bed or stretcher sideways.

HoverMatt Air Transfer System

HoverMatt Air Transfer System is multifunctional and makes patient transfers, boosting and repositioning easier, while taking care of the carers working environment.

A cushion of air beneath the inflated HoverMatt reduces the force required to move a patient by 80-90% and enables caregivers to safely transfer patients without lifting or straining.

By reducing injuries related to lateral transfers and repositioning, the HoverMatt helps to improve staff retention while meeting legislative guidelines for safe patient handling.

Discover the HoverMatt Air Transfer System


Flexible handlinlg

Flexible use

HoverJack allows use in spaces where floor or ceiling hoists cannot be used.
Promotes patient comfort & dignity

Promotes patient comfort & dignity

Supine lifting feature prevents the patient from incurring further injuries after a fall. Air inflated chambers provide a more comfortable lift compared to other methods.
Improves staff efficiency & safety

Improves staff efficiency & safety

Reduces the number of caregivers required to lift a patient when responding to a fall. Self-sealing inflation valves facilitate ease of use, while the deflation valves allow users to lower the patient if needed quickly.
Teflon-coated bottom for easy movement

Teflon-coated bottom for easy transportation

The Teflon-coated bottom allows patients to be easily moved over different surfaces.


Item number
Height (mm)
Length (mm)
Maximum user weight (kg)
Width (mm)
HoverJack Air Patient Lift 32" HJ3202T 760 1830 Top: Nylon. Bottom: Teflon infused polyester. 544 810


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