Incontinence covers

for Wombat Living and Wombat Solo

16 January 2024

Incontinence covers have been available for the Wombat Living and Wombat Solo seat cushions for a long time and we are now completing the incontinence/easily wipeable range with these additional options.

Covers have been made for the back cushions, the knee abduction pommel and the side supports – please refer to the below overview.

The incontinence covers can be bought as separate covers for existing cushions or as complete items consisting of cushion with cover.



R82 Wombat Living

Wombat Living is a functional assistive chair with numerous configuration possibilities.

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R82 Wombat Solo

Wombat Solo is an elegant simple activity chair suitable for both young children and teenagers. It has built-in growth making it a chair for life.

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