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Pressure mapping with Immedia in-bed systems

Is the function of a pressure-relieving mattress affected by the in-bed system?

29 November 2022

Immedia's in-bed system improves the work environment for caregivers and minimizes shear for bedridden persons. However, when placing a person on a preventive or therapeutic mattress, it is essential to ensure that the bedding material used does not adversely affect the mattress. At the same time, it is necessary to consider the caregiver's workload, which may mean that technical work aids are used, such as glide sheets. 

The pressure mapping shows that regardless combination of the Immedia in-bed system, the picture of the pressure is almost the same as when you only use the mattress. A combination of an alternating air mattress and an in-bed system is thus possible without any significant change in the functions of the mattress.


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