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In relation to celebrating our 50th anniversary this year, we will make a series of donations. This initiative connects to our commitment since 1973 - to improve people's quality of life. We believe that the best way to commemorate that, is by recognising those who work to do the same.

We will therefore make five contributions of SEK 50 000 - marking 50 years - to organisations around the world who work to promote inclusion and empower people in their communities. We will announce the recipients continuously, so stay tuned for more information throughout the year!

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The Rollettes Experience, USA

Empowering women with disabilities through sisterhood and dance

Our first donation goes to the Rollettes Experience in Los Angeles, an event that is all about empowering women. For five days, women from across the world can connect with each other and take part in fun activities aimed to encourage living life to the fullest.

Testimonials from previous participants, like “I wish I had had this when I was growing up” and “I’m not alone. I have people just like me who I can relate to”, show how meaningful the event can be. We are pleased to be able to contribute to such an inspiring community, and hope this year’s attendees will have a great experience!

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Frame Football, Netherlands

Connecting children with reduced mobility through sports

We are happy to direct our second donation to football-loving kids by sponsoring the 2023 Dutch national frame football tournament. The event is held in Amsterdam and participating children can engage in several fun football activities with their peers during the day.

Playing sports with your friends should be something everyone can enjoy, and frame football is a great way of creating a level playing field for children who use walkers or crutches. We hope our sponsorship contributes to a fun day and wish all the participants a great event!

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Age UK H&W, United Kingdom

Promoting health and independence for people in later life

The recipient of our third donation is Age UK in Herefordshire and Worcestershire (Age UK H&W), an organisation committed to improving older people’s wellbeing. They provide a variety of services to help older persons maintain independence and remain for longer in their homes, as well as social and physical activities aimed at reducing loneliness and staying active.

We are happy to see our third donation go to such an important cause, and trust that Age UK H&W will make the most of our contribution to help more people enjoy later life!

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Paralife, Sweden

Creating job opportunities for young adults with functional diversity

Our fourth donation goes to Paralife, a non-profit organization with the vision to help young people with disabilities achieve their dreams of work, sports, and community. Paralife runs a sports café where everyone in the staff has some kind of physical or cognitive impairment, providing a meeting place for people of all abilities, where all surplus goes to parasports.

We are pleased to contribute to Paralife and hope their initiative to create an inclusive workplace and help individuals into the job market, can inspire more employers to do the same!

Learn more about the donation to Paralife


Interchange Outer East, Australia

Supporting recreational activities for families of kids with special needs

Donation no. 5 is all about fun, family and community, and goes to the Family Camp program provided by Interchange Outer East (IOE) in the Melbourne area. It provides children with disabilities and their families a much-needed opportunity to enjoy relaxation and outdoor activities together with people like themselves in a truly inclusive environment.

We are extremely happy to see families on the receiving end of this year’s final anniversary donation! Our contribution will allow 22 families to join the Family Camp in 2024, and we hope everyone attending will share a great experience and create memories for life!

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Keep up with our celebration during the year

We will announce our donations as well as share fun facts, milestones, and stories from people around the world throughout the entire year.
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