Etac Xact

- For an active life

Developed with the end-user in mind

Xact is built for an active life. developed with the end-users in mind, from young adults to seniors, who want to live their lives to the fullest and need a wheelchair that enhances their abilities in everyday activities.

Ability Based SeatingTM
“Every body” has a unique body shape, and everybody’s ability level is unique. Seeking and meeting the user’s abilities by fine-tuning and adjusting the wheelchair for individual needs is our philosophy and vision. We call it Ability Based Seating™.

With the right adjustments, everybody can sit better and reduce fatigue, improve sitting tolerance throughout the day and make manoeuvring and propulsion more efficient.


3A Back system for optimum support

3A stands for Angulus, Altitudo and Altus - the Latin words for angle, height and depth. The smart adjustments of the 3A back system provide excellent adaptability and various position options for optimum support.

Explore the possibilities of the 3A back system and discover how you can achieve your positioning targets by customizing the shape and support according to individual abilities, body shape and needs.


Reasons for an active life

The possibility to adjust and fine-tune Xact to suit the individual´s needs and enhance abilities creates the potential for the user to live life to the fullest.

Xact is the wheelchair with premium settings, add-ons and extras enabling a more active life – whilst enhancing your individual abilities.


Easy handling

Xact is easy to handle for both you as a user and for someone providing assistance.

Easy folding and a transport weight from only 5.4 kg make Xact light and easy to bring with you wherever you go.

Xact is the wheelchair for the active user on the go.

 Xact is available in Norway and Sweden