Etac Tasty beaker

A flexible mug that allows for several grips and can be used with hot or cold beverages

Tasty beaker consists of a plastic beaker, a beaker holder and a lid with a spout. The big handle combined with the supporting edge permits various grips for both righthanded and lefthanded people. The shape of the bottom sits stably on the table and the holder insulates against hot liquid when gripping. The design with only one handle and a supporting edge, saves space in the kitchen cabinet.


Item number
Weight (g)
Tasty beaker, complete 80404042 Ergonomidesign Beaker: PET Holder/spout lid: Polypropylene 125
Tasty lid with spout 80404004 Ergonomidesign Spout lid: Polypropylene 15
Tasty beaker (without lid and holder) 80404002 Ergonomidesign Beaker: PET 50
Tasty holder 80404003 Ergonomidesign Holder: Polypropylene 60


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