Etac Light angled spoon

Intended for people with impaired arm and hand mobility

The lightweight angled spoons are designed to facilitate using a power grip when eating. The long stainless shaft can be slightly bent to com-pensate for further reduced mobility in the wrist.

Etac Light cutlery

Etac Light cutlery facilitate eating when mobility in hands and arms are restricted. There are various models available and of course they are ­all lightweight.

In common for all Light cutlery is a functional design of the handle and a shape that makes the grip stable and comfortable.

Each cutlery has its own unique shape and design according to its specific usage and to compensate for reduced hand function.

Variants and details

Design Ergonomidesign Material Utensil parts: Stainless steel. Handle: ABS plastic
Length (mm) 190 Weight (g) 35
Etac item number
For right hand 80403201
For left hand 80403202