Star Sentinel

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Smart, innovative, easy and intuitive technology takes your experience to another level by letting you go about your daily life with peace of mind without any manual adjustments. Sentinel does the work for you.

Sentinel enables your everyday life by continuously monitoring the pressure in the cushion, alerting you of any issues, and adjusting for altitude and environmental changes.

It constantly monitors the cushion's pressure level against the saved clinically set level of air and adjusts the cushion accordingly without any need for hand pumping or hand checks. By adjusting for environmental changes and alerting you of any issues, Sentinel enables you to live your everyday life, every day.

Your personal guard
'Sentinel' is an English word meaning - A guard that keeps constant watch and alerts to any problems.

With Sentinel as your personal guard, you can get on with everyday life with peace of mind.

Note: Sentinel is available in the UK, Republic of Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Italy and the USA.


Star Senitnel feature image AMS

Air management system

Once the clinical pressure level is set, Sentinel continuously monitors the cushion with its air management system, manages the pressure and automatically adjusts the level of air to environmental changes accordingly.
Sentinel Feature Alerts


Sentinel continuously monitors and adjusts the vertical air cell cushion throughout the day and will alert you to any issues detected.
Star Sentinel Feature Lightweight image

Lightweight and compact

Sentinel´s light weight is similar to a mobile phone and is compact enough to fit neatly into the front pocket of Star cushions.
Star Sentinel feature image App

Optional app

For those who want control throughout the day, Sentinel comes with an optional app in which you can select settings that work for you.


Item number
Height (mm)
Length (mm)
Weight (kg)
EU/UK version KA0501-ST-EU 55 114 0.2
US version KA0501-ST-US 55 114 0.2
Clip KA0011 - - -

Battery: Lithium Ion 1,000 mAh
Charge time: 3 - 4 hours
Battery Life: 24 - 56 continuous hour
Water resistance: IPX4
App pairing method: Bluetooth
User Weight Limit: See cushion user manual.
Compatible with single chamber air cushions, e.g., Star Standard Air and StabilAir.


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