Star Sentinel + StabilAir

A perfect combination

Star Sentinel, powered by Kalogon

‘Sentinel’ is an English word meaning - A guard that keeps constant watch and alerts to any problems

Sentinel is the ultimate air management assistant designed to bring a new level of convenience to vertical air cell technology. It constantly monitors the cushion's pressure level against the saved clinically set level of air and adjusts the cushion accordingly without any need for hand pumping or hand checks. Sentinel is the personal guard, enabling you to get on with everyday life with peace of mind.

Sentinel - enable everyday life, every day.

Star StabilAir

StabilAir cushion is a single-chamber vertical air cell cushion with foam baffles within the air cells. The user is supported by air, while the foam slows down air movement in the cushion as the user moves, increasing stability while allowing some air movement for continuous pressure redistribution.

Slowed airflow enhancing stability
StabilAir has two sizes of foam cylinders, which are higher on the outside, while those under the buttocks, coccyx and legs are lower. The foam cylinders in the air cells function as baffles, slowing the movement of air and enhancing stability. The air pocket above the foam similarly enables effective pressure redistribution, just like all Star Cushions.

This is the ideal solution for users who are used to the feel of a foam cushion but need the protection of a vertical air cell cushion.

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Together, they make the perfect combination for a 'go anywhere' wheelchair seating cushion

Together, Sentinel and StabilAir create a stable cushion solution that automatically adjusts to changes in environment or altitude.


The ultimate solution for peace of mind

  • Excellent pressure redistribution with StabilAir through vertical air cell technology.
  • Stability, through slowed air flow in StabilAir, without the complication of a lock mechanism.
  • There is no need for regular hand-checks as Sentinel constantly monitors and adjusts the cushion's pressure level against the saved clinically set level of air.
  • Sentinel detects and alerts to any issues.

Sentinel + StabilAir results in pressure redistribution, stability, control and simplicity - enabling everyday peace of mind.

Sentinel is available in the UK, Republic of Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Italy and the USA.