Immedia Sling

Multifunctional transfer aid

The Sling is a multifunctional transfer aid that can be used in several situations.

Immedia Sling with handles acts as an extension of the arms, allowing the caregiver to offer support and assistance whilst maintaining a good ergonomic position and grip without encroaching on the user’s personal space.

The Sling is a flexible tool that supports many transfers, such as moving higher up in bed, transferring between sitting positions, etc.

The Sling has four handles on each side and a non-slip material inside to secure the user during the transfer. The outside has a low friction surface to aid transfer and removal.


Immedia Sling


The Immedia Sling provides excellent handles for caregivers. Used with Immedia MultiGlide or similar low friction devices, you ensure a safe working environment when users need to be repositioned in bed.
Immedia Sling


Even with one caregiver, it is possible to reposition the user higher in bed using the Immedia Sling as shown.
Immedia Sling


With one or two caregivers, a user can be repositioned further back in a chair by moving the user slightly from side to side.


Item number
Length (mm)
Maximum user weight (kg)
Width (mm)
Sling - long IM428 1900 Polyester 150 160
Sling - short IM428K 1200 Polyester 150 160


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