Immedia OneWayGlide

For controlled and easy positioning

The OneWayGlide is a cushion that allows sliding easily in one direction whilst resisting sliding in the other direction. It is suitable for users who slide forward when sitting. OneWayGlide facilitates independent or assisted positioning back in the chair. Immedia OneWayGlide is available in four different versions.

OneWayGlide non-slip
A tubular cushion with a non-slip outer material that grips any surface. It can be combined with a cotton cover when necessary.

OneWayGlide velour
A tubular cushion with velour material. It is more comfortable to sit on but needs to be used on a textile surface.

OneWayGlide pad
A one-layer pad with a velour top suitable for use directly on a textile surface.

OneWayGlide Long
The OneWayGlide Long is an extended, open cushion with handles and a velour top. Its length enables repositioning to be performed multiple times in a single application. The handles ensure a good grip, allowing the caregiver to assist. It is available in variants with or without strings. The strings are used to tie the cushion to the wheelchair frame when necessary.


Immedia OneWayGlide

1. How to use OneWayGlide

Using the Immedia OneWayGlide eases repositioning when the user slides forward in the wheelchair.
Immedia OneWayGlide

2. How to use OneWayGlide

To move backwards in the wheelchair the user must lean forward, hold the armrest and push towards the backrest using her arms and, if possible, legs.
Immedia OneWayGlide

3. How to use OneWayGlide

When the user is upright again, the unique design of the Immedia OneWayGlide will encourage the user to stay seated.


Maximum user weight (kg) 150
Item number
Length (mm)
Width (mm)
OneWayGlide Non-Slip IM39/8 370 Non-Slip, polyester fibre, nylon 430
OneWayGlide Non-Slip IM38/8 450 Non-Slip, polyester fibre, nylon 450
OneWayGlide Non-Slip IM37/8 800 Non-Slip, polyester fibre, nylon 600
OneWayGlide Velour IM45/8 370 Velour, polyester fiber, nylon 430
OneWayGlide Velour IM50/8 500 Velour, polyester fiber, nylon 420
OneWayGlide Velour Pad IM44/8 370 Velour, polyester fiber, nylon 430
OneWayGlide Long w/straps Velour. IM33/8 1300 Velour, polyester fibre, nylon 400
OneWayGlide Long Velour IM34/8 1300 Velour, polyester fibre, nylon 400
OneWayGlide Long Velour IM51/8 1300 Velour, polyester fiber, nylon 450
OneWayGlide Long Velour IM35/8 1300 Velour, polyester fibre, nylon 550

Ironing improves slide function. Do not use fabric softener or bleach.


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