Convaid Cruiser

The Convaid Cruiser is a 30° fixed-tilt buggy that improves postural control through upper body positioning.

The Convaid Cruiser is a popular 30° fixed-tilt pediatric buggy that is convenient, lightweight, and compact folding. The Cruiser is made to order to meet each individual requirement. It comes equipped with Convaid’s proprietary self-tensioning seating system, Self-Tensio®, which provides increased seating tolerance and can help promote neutral pelvic positioning. It provides growth capability through its seat depth extension system.

The Cruiser comes in either Cordura upholstery or Textilene (not available in EU or AU) that is removable, washable, and comes in a wide selection of colours. The Convaid Cruiser is easy to fold for maximal portability, available in 4 width sizes, and for users that weigh up to 113 kilograms. Made in the USA.



Tension adjustable back

Tension adjustable back upholstery

Adjustable back straps allow for individual adjustment to the Lumber and Thoracic sections for the back.
Self-Tensio - Red


Self-tensio is Convaid’s unique self-tensioning seating system which provides pelvic positioning similar to a solid seating system in an umbrella folding rehab buggy.
one-piece push handle

One-piece, height-adjustable push handle

Ergonomically comfortable to the touch and adjustable in height and angle for different height caregivers.
Convaid Cruiser

Tool-less seat depth adjustment

Tool-less seat depth adjustment and upholstery removal.


Folded height (mm) 432 432 432 432 432
Folded length (mm) 1194 1219 1194 1346 1270
Folded width (mm) 381 381 406 406 381
Foot plate angle (°) -180 - +180 -180 - +180 -180 - +180 -180 - +180 -180 - +180
Footrest to seat distance (mm) 127-533 127-635 102-559 102-559 203-584
Overall height (mm) 940 965 940 1016 965
Overall length (mm) 1219 1118 1245 1321 1397
Overall width (mm) 559 597 648 699 724
Push handle adjustments (mm) 711-1219 737-1168 711-1143 787-1219 -
Seat back height (mm) 533C 559C 635C 686C 635C
Seat depth (mm) 152-279 203-330 254-381 279-406 356-533
Seat to floor (mm) 584 635 533 584 660
Seat to footplate (mm) 127-533 127-635 102-559 102-559 203-584
Seat width (mm) 254 305 356 406 457
Shoulder strap height (mm) 279-483 305-508 381-584 432-635 406-559
Tilt in space tilt angle (°) 30 30 30 30 30
Total weight (kg) 12 12 13 15 14
Weight capacity (kg) 34 34 45 77 113
Weight capacity transit (kg) 30 30 45 77 77


Cruiser Frame Size 18

Cruiser Scout frame

All-terrain option built for maximum comfort and durability.

Cruiser Planar frame

Solid seat & back provides in-depth seating. Not available in the EU.

Anatomic back

For additional lumbar support.

One-piece, height adjustable push handle


Two-piece push handle


Attendant Hand Brake

The Convaid Cruiser comes standard with Cordura upholstery that is removable and washable. The Cordura upholstery standard colour is panther black but available in a wide selection of colours for an upcharge.

Cordura Upholstery

Heavy-duty upholstery is available.

Cordura is known around the world for its durability, abrasion resistance, and high performance. It has a great tactile feel and provides mild positioning capabilities through padding in key areas. It is made with quality material that is removable and washable. In addition, it is very comfortable for the user.

Cherry Red

Princess Pink

Apple Green

Forest Green

Aqua Blue

Royal Blue

Sassy Purple

Chocolate Brown

Panther Black

7.5” X 2” Front air tyres

Only offered on model sizes 10-16.

Position Cushion

Support Cushion